Animal Connections Newsletter
     By Rae Ramsey                                       April, 2007
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France
Welcome to the premier edition of Animal Connections Newsletter! I have been wanting to initiate this project for awhile now, and I am so happy to offer this new resource for you and your beloved animal companions.

My Vision for this Monthly Newsletter is for it to be:

    ♥ A source of helpful information on communicating with your animals
    ♥ A place to share your stories of connecting with your animals
     An inspiration for further growth in your communication skills
    ♥ A place in which you can ask questions that I will answer, using my own knowledge and experience
    ♥ A guide to further resources to help in your understanding of issues relating to your animal family

Throughout the years of working with you, I have had the privilege of sharing both the joys and sorrows you experience in caring for your dear animal companions. Together we have learned what they think and feel, discovered how to make them happier, found out what hurts, and listened to what they need when they're ill. We've also learned how best to serve them when they have to leave. All of you, animals and humans alike, have contributed immeasurably to my own growth, joy, and reverence for all of life. It is with deep gratitude to you that I launch our first issue and it is my desire for it  to be a continuing bond between all of us.


This is to be your Newsletter! I welcome your comments and suggestions for its development as it evolves on a monthly basis.



Question of the Month
 This Question is from Brenda Clayton

When I feel that I've received a message from my cats, how do I know I'm not making it up?

This feeling is completely normal, especially when you're first learning to communicate telepathically! So don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering if this isn't just your imagination. . .

In my opinion, this is the analytic mind, doing its job of "protecting" us from information that doesn't appear to be logical. Here's a way to handle this phenomenon: imagine that there is a little voice in your head just doing that job! Instead of trying to make the voice go away, just let it be there and make a decision to believe what you have heard, sensed, or experienced with your animal.

When I first started practicing, proof came gradually, as I verified information I received by observing the outcome of my communications. It came in such ways as seeing my cat more relaxed when I clipped her nails, my dog walking closer to me, my cats being braver in handling my dog when he was a puppy.You will notice many indications that verify messages that you receive!

When I began communicating with others' animals, I was able to verify the information I received with the animal's person, which often amazed me. Initially, I often had a feeling that what I had gotten couldn't possibly be accurate because it seemed so far-fetched. But, after talking it over with the person, I found that I could trust what I had gotten, because I couldn't have known the details that I had been given by the animals otherwise.

With practice and dedication to trusting your own intuition, you will get more and more specific messages from your animals. They are always grateful and often delighted that you are using this natural ability. They are also honored that you are listening to them and trusting the messages they share with you.

Finally, my deep conviction about communicating with animals is that it is a matter of the heart. The mind will always attempt to invalidate the intuitive communications you get from other species. The intuitive  mode of knowing does not fit into the logical patterns of the mind. Animals do not invalidate our messages to them, because telepathic communication is as natural for them as breathing.
That "little voice" in the back of my head has retreated to a quiet place. I rarely hear it anymore, and when I do, I just let it be. I've learned not to "edit" anything out that I'm getting and to share that information with the animal's guardian, who will know much better than I the meaning of the message. This process facilitates the mutual bond between animal and human in such a profound way. What a gift it is to truly listen to our animals, and to work with them to mutually foster deeper communication and love between us!
Do you have a question about telepathic communication? Please send it to me at If I use your question in a future issue, your will receive a one-half hour ($50. value) animal communication session with me!
Resource of the Month


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A True Story

This story is contributed by my dear client, Christine Fotheringham, who has had an amazing experience that began in a most unexpected way. . .
       Sasha, Rae, and Me


It was an afternoon, just like any other. I was driving home and noticed a small black cat lying in the road -- almost in the traffic lane. She looked right into my eyes as I drove past, not even flinching. I knew I had to stop and help her. As soon as the car pulled up, she ran up to me and started purring and rubbing against me. I found myself putting her in the car, where she settled down quite happily, purring all the while.


My two cats, 4 year old Toby and 8 year old Little Bit, were less than thrilled when I showed up with this teenager! Next day I called Rae to see if we could find out who she was and where she came from.  As soon as Rae connected with us, my two cats bombarded her with, "Who is she?  Why is she here? Is she going to stay? She'd better not touch our food!"  The new kitty immediately said "Hello!  Is this my new home?"  She told me that she was happy to stay, she just needed the freedom to go outside.  She also said she didn't know what the others were fussing about, they'd get over it, she knew how to be with other cats.  And she did. After a trip to the vet for a clean bill of health and a new name, Sasha, she settled in --Toby and Little Bit did get over it.


With lots of love and good food she bloomed and bloomed.  My sister the MD kept saying "that cat is pregnant!" When Rae asked Sasha about it, she said she would like to have kittens and keep them.   Eventually it became clear that there was more going on than growth from regular meals and the vet confirmed it.  Preggers!!!


On September 7th at 5:00 am I was awakened by an unusual noise and discovered a caramel colored kitten on my bed, with umbilical cord and placenta still attached, and Sasha having contractions. Over the next couple of hours she delivered three more black kittens.


Sasha didn't want them to nurse and they were crawling around with cords and placenta still attached.  Thank goodness for Rae, who made herself available for several emergency phone calls.  She talked to Sasha and called on cat consciousness to help. Sasha said she was afraid the nursing would hurt but, when reassured that it was necessary, she allowed them to nurse and felt better.


Next day, we went to the vet, who said everyone was very healthy and we had three girls and one boy, although I should be prepared to lose one.  I was determined this would not happen.


For several weeks, with Rae as translator, we weathered many interesting experiences. Sasha felt that now the kittens were out, her job was done and she could go back to her life of freedom.  She was quite surprised to discover that she was expected to stay home with the babies!  However, after a few days she announced "I've gotten the hang of it!  I love them, they're cute and fun.  I'm a proud mom," but still insisted she needed to go outside and would come when I called.  "I don't know what the fuss is about.  I don't leave until they're full and if they need me, I'll know and come back."


One night, when they were several days old, Sasha brought them one by one into my bed. They all snuggled under the blankets. I spent most of the night awake and lying very still, in case I rolled onto one of them. They were so small and soft and fluffy and trusting, my heart melted. Early next morning she took them back. She told Rae she thought I wanted that and would like it. However, after that she said she needed more privacy and started moving the kittens from one place to another and asked that I not come to look at them.  She found some interesting hiding places, finally settling them on the second shelf of the linen closet. Then one day when Sasha was outside I heard a thump and mew and discovered that one had crawled out and fallen off the shelf.  I started calling her and in the meantime, more kittens started coming out. When Sasha appeared I was standing there with an armful of her babies.  She just sat and stared at me. I felt so busted!!! Next thing I knew, they had been moved under the sofa bed and there was no way I could see in and they couldn't fall out.


One day she brought me one of the kittens, dropped it at my feet and walked away.  Clearly there was something she wanted me to do about it.  Once again, Rae to the rescue!  Apparently the little one wasn't getting enough to eat.  It wasn't trying.  Off I went to get formula and bottles.  I had no idea how hard it would be to get such a tiny, apparently weak, little thing like that to open its mouth, especially with an anxious mom circling around. Fortunately, I remembered my cat Ernie, who had passed away a year earlier, and who had loved to eat.  So I closed my eyes and asked him to please help the kitty to eat.  You know what came next - a call to Rae.  Ernie said he was honored to be asked.  He was watching over the kitten, who was now getting the hang of it.  He was teaching it to eat with gusto, but it would never outdo him!


In our next conversation Sasha said she was keeping watch, aware of each kitten's needs.  The little one would come along and was trying harder.  She was more bonded to them, felt her milk coming and felt better giving it to them.  She said the kittens were very content and there was a rhythm to their lives.


We were now all settled into a new routine, and awaiting the next phase of The Story of Sasha - kitten names, weaning, litter box training, and perhaps finding new 'forever' homes.


. . . to be continued

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By going back and forth between your own practice and our phone mentoring sessions, you will be able to expand, adjust, and deepen your abilities at a much faster pace than if you work on your own.

By verifying your successes, clearing up roadblocks, expanding your receptivity, and learning advanced communication techniques, you will see your abilities growing to deeper and deeper levels.

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