Animal Connections Newsletter
   By Rae Ramsey                                  August, 2007
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France


Summer into Autumn


As I think about the autumn activity ahead, it is amazing to realize that summer is drawing to a close. It's been a busy summer for me, as I imagine it has been for you. But I've made time to be outside enjoying the weather with my family and also contemplating what I want to accomplish and enjoy as autumn turns into winter and this year rolls into the next.


When I review our dog, Ming's summer, I also think about your dear animals and that brings to mind a joyful image of activities, adventures, long naps, long drinks, and a special closeness with nature in all its fullness. I hope all of you have had a chance to bask in this season of light, greenery, warmth, and outdoor fun!

Whether you animals are indoor-only, or must get out there and run off excess daily energy, it seems that their systems slow down just a bit to rest before the cycle of autumn arrives to bring cooler breezes, different activities, and a pick-up in the pace of life. I myself have taken a signal from Ming, whose gait always goes into a lower gear during these months. I try to slow down and just be open to the life around me as I walk with him on his favorite routes.


Looking ahead, I'm planning some different activities for him, to vary his schedule from the summer routine. Perhaps an indoor meeting with his Shih Tzu friends, a day trip out of the city, or a stroll through an autumn street fair.  Whatever you can think of to bring delight to your animal family this fall, I hope that it will also bring joy to you.


And I hope that the beauty of autumn brings all of you, my dear clients and friends, renewed energy, anticipation, and fun!


Question of the Month

This Question is from Pam Harding


Can I communicate with all of my animals at the same time?


This is a frequent question that comes up in multi-animal homes when there is an issue that affects more than one animal in the family. Thankfully, the answer is YES! I do this for my clients on a regular basis, and it can open up an in-depth group conversation as we strive to solve whatever issue is involved.


Sometimes it's just a message that we humans want to convey, such as when a vacation is starting and ending, what arrangements are being made if the animals will remain at home, preparation for a grooming session, a vet visit, or visitors coming to stay in the home for a period of time. Even these types of messages can involve a back and forth dialogue between human and animal, as well as animal and animal. The main purpose of these talks is to give everyone a heads-up on the coming event and handle any concerns, so that all will go as smoothly as possible.


Sadly, sometimes the subject of a group talk is to help our loved ones grieve for a loss of one of their sisters or brothers. In this case I answer questions, comfort all concerned, and suggest whatever might be helpful to further bring healing into the home. Often our animals have already seen their lost family member in spirit and know what has happened, but even then, an important part of such a conversation is to connect with that animal now in spirit. They always seem to bring news and a measure of closure for those left behind.


What if you're not able to have a communicator present for such a conversation? Even if you may not get specific information back, taking time to make sure you are sending a clear message is most helpful. It's important to trust that they will hear you, even if you can't hear them!


I've been delightfully surprised or heartened countless times, when I hear how much my animal clients have gotten out of a message from their human, and their behavior had altered as a result! One time, some wild birds pulled back from a client's property after she asked them to leave her more room when she was outside. Another time a dog, missing his person while she was on a trip, began to eat again after she sent him a message that it was really crucial for him to do that for her. And I remember another client who told me her dog was far more relaxed when she returned home after being out that day, after she started the habit of sending him a message as to when she'd be back.


As you experiment with this simple yet essential way of communicating with your animal family, I'm sure you'll find that it helps solve issues, calms the group spirit, and yields results that can surprise you in a most joyful way!


Happy communicating!



Do you have a question about telepathic communication? Please send it to me at  If I use your question in a future issue, you will receive a one-half hour ($50. value) animal communication session with me!
Resource of the Month


Bach Flower Remedies


For many years, the Bach Flower Remedies have played a supportive role in my life. I used Rescue Remedy to help me stay calm for auditions in my early singing days and later the remedies helped me through high-pressure business encounters. When I made the choice to dedicate myself to helping animals, I naturally wanted to include this gentle and effective system in my studies. To master the benefits of this approach to balancing animals, I decided to go to the source of Dr. Bach's wonderful work. So I traveled directly to England and studied his system right on the property where he discovered many of the 38 Remedies!


Since becoming a Practitioner, I have used many combinations of these essences in my work with animals. I have found them to be invaluable in balancing mental, emotional, and spiritual issues, all of which can have a profound effect on physical well-being as well.


I love being able to recommend them in combination with other modalities that are being administered to my animal clients. They can safely be given alongside traditional medicine, homeopathy, bodywork, herbs, and other holistic supplements. Because they work energetically, they do not interfere with these other approaches. The Bach Remedies work very gently to move the animal back into a healthy balance.


With my own family, I have used the Bach Flower Remedies to help introduce a new family member (our dog Ming) to our two cats; to help settle territorial disputes; to calm them when making visits to the vet; to aid in keeping them relaxed on trips; and to help them accept treatments for their illnesses. Sometimes the effects have been dramatic and speedy; other times the effects have gradually moved them into a more balanced state of mind.


As a Practitioner, I initially guide my clients in the process of making the best choices of Bach Remedies to address their animals' specific issues. This gets everyone started on the right foot. (or paw!) After working together, it becomes easier for my clients to select from the 38 possibilities as the need arises. That is in keeping with Dr. Bach's intention of keeping the approach simple and ultimately making the users self-sufficient.


So I highly recommend taking a look at this gentle yet powerful approach to supporting your animals through many of life's challenges. Here are some books to help you get started:


Bach Flower Remedies for Animals: the Definitive Guide To Treating Your Animals With the Bach Remedies, by Stefan Ball and Judy Ramsell Howard:



Emotional Healing for Cats, by Stefan Ball and Judy Howard: 



Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies, by Stefan Ball, Heather Simpson, & Judy Howard:



Bach Flower Remedies for Animals, by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis:



And for us Humans:


Bach Flower Remedies To The Rescue, by Gregory Vlamis:



The Bach Flower Remedies, Revised Edition, by Edward Bach, M.D. and F.J. Wheeler, M.D.





A True Story

This story is contributed by my dear client, Brenda Clayton, who has a flare for understanding the Calico mind and heart!


The Calico Girls


Fleur and Fay are calico sisters who are approximately seven years old. They began life as indoor cats who were thrown into a time of uncertainty and chaos after their person died. Suddenly, they were moved from the house (where they had always lived) into the garage, which was open to the weather and to the neighborhood cats - some of them feral and aggressive. They faced the almost-certain prospect of being shipped off to the local shelter, where they would probably be separated for the first time in their lives, and possibly euthanized if no one adopted them.


Fortunately, our cousin's wife lived next door to the two cats, and alerted us to their situation. She knew that we had recently emerged from a period of mourning for our deceased nineteen-year-old calico cat, Artemis, and were ready to live with cats again. When she explained the urgency of the sisters' situation, we immediately agreed to adopt them sight unseen. Fleur and Fay's recent ordeal had made them fearful and untrusting of humans. Rae Ramsey to the rescue! Luckily for us all, I had participated in many animal communication sessions with Artemis and Rae. I knew her to be an insightful, warm, intuitive, gifted woman - a light-filled being! - and trusted her ability to help us bond. My confidence in Rae, of course, was fully justified. Our weekly sessions with Fay, Fleur, and me helped us all to adjust to our new shared life, to find common ground, and to open our hearts to each other.


Now, nearly two years after my husband and I first welcomed Fay and Fleur into our home, Rae asked if I'd like to contribute our story to her wonderful online newsletter. Fleur and Fay share my warm feelings for Rae - their name for her is "NiceBeautifulLady," a great compliment because they feel warmly toward very few humans.


Rae has helped me to develop my own abilities in communicating directly with Fay and Fleur. When I told them I planned to tell our story, they were enthusiastic - so much so that they asked if they could tell it instead. I agreed to transcribe our story as told by them:



Fleur: Rae is a wonder. An amazing, intuitive, gentle, fierce, powerful being.

Fay: Like us! When we first came to live in our new home, I was so scared and sad that I squeezed and squirmed my way underneath the dishwasher, and hid there overnight.

Fleur: There was so much fuss! Remember how they gave you salmon to try to get you to come out?

Fay: But I didn't.

(Fay waits for Fleur to respond, but Fleur is distracted by the memory of that salmon. After a moment, Fay continues.)

Fay: Brenda even wanted to uninstall the dishwasher because she thought I was trapped under it. Me, trapped. Ha!

Fleur: But Rae told Brenda that you would come out when you were ready.

Fay: And Rae told me that I could wait to come out when I was ready--not when Brenda was ready.

Fleur: You couldn't fit under that dishwasher now.

Fay: I have expanded to fit the food available.

(Both cats swish their tails in amusement at her witticism.)

Fleur: It's all because of Rae -

Fay and Fleur (together): The NiceBeautifulLady!

Fay: She explained that we were safe now, and that this would be our Forever Home.

Fleur: That we were with good human people.

Fay: And that life Now was going to be different. Not like life Before - everything uncertain, never enough food, and us sick with nobody helping us get well.

Fleur: Let's not talk about life Before - it makes me nervous, like it could all happen again.

Fay: But Rae says it won't, so we can believe her.

Fleur: I was so surprised when we met her the first time - I never knew there were human people who could speak "cat"! In fact, I thought she was another cat.

Fay: Our old person never tried to talk to us.

Fleur: She didn't think of us as being like her.

Fay: Rae knows that everybody shares the same Creaturehood.

Fleur: Do you think she's part cat?

Fay: She must be, even though (sotto voce) she lives with a dog.

Fleur: Of course she lives with a dog - why are you whispering?

Fay: Well, not everyone would. Live with a dog.

Fleur: I think he is part cat, too.

(They meditate on this for a moment.)

Fay: Rae cares about us. Remember the vet who scared me because she was so shut down inside and not-present? In our next session, I told Rae about it, and Rae told Brenda right away, and now Brenda doesn't make us see that doctor any more.

Fleur: Now we have Molly as our doctor. She is so quiet and gentle.

Fay: I don't even hiss at her. Well, maybe just a little.

Fleur: One can't go to the vet and not hiss, after all.

Fay: Another thing is that we've been able to train Brenda to give us the food we like best!

Fleur: She's a fast learner, isn't she? Rae has helped her learn to communicate with us directly.

Fay: We can talk to Brenda directly about Certain Things. But not Certain Other Things.

Fleur: Claw trimming!

Fay: Yes.

Fleur:  We had to talk to Rae. But she helped Brenda understand how scary it is for us.

Fay: When Brenda did it before, I used to make a Bad Smell and bite her, to make her stop.

Fleur: But now Brenda understands how to trim our claws so we don't get scared.

Fay: Brenda is good to us.

Fleur: And we take care of her, too! When she is sick or feeling low.

Fay: We lie on top of her until her dark cloud lightens.

Fleur: And we have learned to be Good.

Fay: This seems to mean not doing certain things, rather than doing them.

Fleur: Like not jumping up on the kitchen counter.

Fay: It's silly. That's where the food is being prepared - I want to see it!  

Fleur: Or not jumping down onto the ground from our balcony.

Fay: Oooh, you did that.

Fleur: Brenda jumped down to "save" me. Ha ha! But I knew what to do.

Fay:  You jumped right back up on the balcony - which to me proves that it's completely safe -

Fleur: But Brenda was upset. I didn't like that. 

Fay:  No. She is very kind and we love her! And we show honor and respect by accommodating her wishes - not jumping up, not jumping down.

Fleur: And being Good. Mostly.

Fay: A cat can't always be Good.

Fleur: Rae helps us understand how to make Brenda happy.

Fay: She never tells us we're wrong or bad.

Fleur: She is a Friend to Cats.

Fay: When I think about Rae, I want to roll over and show my belly because I feel so safe and happy!

Fleur: And we know we will always be together in our Forever Home!

Fay: Thanks to Rae!

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By going back and forth between your own practice and our phone mentoring sessions, you will be able to expand, adjust, and deepen your abilities at a much faster pace than if you work on your own.

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