Animal Connections Newsletter
  By Rae Ramsey                                      Autumn, 2009

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France
Fall Back
That's how I remember to change my clock when the time change comes around this time of year. It is also a metaphor for Autumn's activities, mood, and perspective. Every time I move into the fullness of the change of season, I fall back into activities that only happen at this time of year. The walks amongst the multi-colored leaves that provide such a rich ground-cover on my city's streets, the beginning of bundling up to fend off the increasing chill in the air, creating yet another "Blessing of the Animals" service at my church, now in its ninth year. All of these activities I look forward to with much happiness--this is indeed my favorite season of all. Autumn literally puts me into a good mood and my perspective is one of anticipation of many experiences I treasure.

I hope you and your beloved animal companions are all well. It has been so touching and satisfying to work with you throughout the past months. (and years) I have witnessed so much love, growth, caring, joy, and also grief and sorrow. It is my privilege to share these moments with you. Thank you from my heart.
Since one of my most gratifying Autumn commitments is "The Blessing of the Animals" service, I wanted to invite you to consider creating your own. It can be a simple gathering of two and four-legged beings in your home, a special ceremony at your place of worship or in a community setting open to all. You can use your imagination in honoring the animals in your life and in the lives of your family and friends.
You might donate a day of your time to a shelter, doing something special to contribute to those who have not yet found forever homes. Or perhaps you might drop off some blankets and toys at your shelter, contribute to a rescue group, or have a cellphone party to raise money for a favorite animal charity.
I have developed a plan for a Blessing Service that could be modified to fit the specific needs of a wide range of groups. If you would like to learn more about how to do that in your community, please feel free to contact me for information and inspiration.
I wish you a Happy Autumn and much joy in your lives. Please enjoy the stories and resources below!


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Ming's Story

Communicating With Your Animal When Vet Care is Needed

This past summer my beloved Shih Tzu, Ming, needed surgery. He had been drinking excessively for over a year, but hadn't displayed symptoms that could lead to a diagnosis. Finally, a routine blood test pointed to a possible problem with his parathyroid. Further testing showed that, indeed, this was the problem.
After research, I narrowed the specialists down to two, at different veterinary hospitals. I then told Ming that he needed to have something corrected in his body and that we'd see both vets initially. Depending upon Ming's reaction and my own assessment, we'd proceed with one of the vets.
Our visit to the first veterinary hospital yielded much medical information in the form of diagnostic tests and blood work. I was very pleased with the attention to detail and also the great interest the head veterinarian and her staff showed in Ming. He was clearly comfortable and happy to be with them--it almost seemed like a party!
This is where my telepathic connection with Ming came into the picture. When I asked him how the visit went, his answer coincided with what I had observed. "They're really nice and want to take care of me, Mom. They included me when they talked and I felt safe there." So far, so good.
We had one more vet to see, at the second veterinary hospital. This time I could see how tentatively Ming behaved, how much the discussion proceeded without including him, and how the atmosphere seemed rather subdued and disorganized. Sure enough, when I asked Ming his "take" on this choice, he was adamant. "They couldn't see me--I felt left out. I wouldn't want to be left there, Mom. Please take me back to the people who liked me!"
Ming's reaction confirmed my own so we went back to the original hospital and set up his surgery for the following week. A couple of days before we brought him in, I explained to him just what would be happening while he was there. I reassured him that I would be in close touch with the hospital and of course, telepathically, with him.
He was a little apprehensive, but knew I had found the best person to do the surgery and wanted to get it done. "Mom, I'll miss you and Dad, but if you come to see me, that will help until I come home. I'll be brave and they'll take good care of me." He had questions about how much it would hurt, (you'll have some medicine to help with that) where he would sleep, (in a nice roomy cage with blankets) and if he could have his favorite toy with him. (yes, after the first day)
My husband, John, and I were amazed when we walked him over to the hospital the day of surgery. He practically ran over there and greeted everyone involved with an excited grin and bounced from person to person, charming all in his path. Before John and I went home, I reminded Ming that we'd be back to visit the next day and that I'd talk to him "in his head" as he refers to our telepathic talks.
Because the hospital wanted us to wait to visit Ming until the day after surgery, I talked with him telepathically on surgery day. He was surprisingly alert and aware that he was getting lots of attention. "I'm kind of uncomfortable and feel a little weak. I've got this thing on my back leg (a site for taking regular blood work) and it makes it hard to sit. When are you coming, Mom?" So I went over when we'd show up, asked what he wanted us to bring him, and told him about what time the next day to look for us.
My colleague and friend, Joanna Seere, helped Ming through that first day by offering distance spiritual healing, which helped to boost his own healing powers and to calm and balance his system after the trauma of the procedure. (You can read more about her work in the next article below)
That next joyous day we went to see Ming and to bring him things he'd requested--his own food, his favorite toy, (a well-worn soft bear) and a couple of treats. I told him when we'd arrive and could tell that he was not anxious or nervous when we first saw him. Ming told me that he was popular with the nurses, that he wasn't in pain, but that he didn't like the gag reflex he was having. (from the breathing tube during surgery) I reassured him that it would improve each day and also told him I'd brought him his Bach Flower Remedies to help keep his spirits up.
Before picking Ming up, I had prepared both him and Regina, our sweet cat, for his homecoming. She was very curious about how he'd look and asked me, "Can I play with him?" (No, not right away!) As it turned out, she greeted him with a soft touch of noses and gave him lots of space to rest.
Ming's excessive thirst had disappeared, as the surgeon had removed two of his four parathyroid glands, returning his calcium regulation to normal immediately. Yes, we were truly relieved!
Joanna Seere gave Ming another healing session a few days after he returned, and again, noticeable results of strength and vitality appeared almost instantly. 
I was so thankful to have this close telepathic connection that helped to keep all of us positive and at ease with the whole experience. I have always felt so gratified when I've been able to be the "translator" for so many of you and your animals in times of medical crisis. Now this process was assisting me and my family to get through a challenging time by allowing us to stay in close spiritual touch with each other and to exchange caring messages and specific information. It made this episode in our lives one of trust, calmness, and joy.
Whether or not you use the services of an animal communicator, I still recommend that you talk to your animals about any health issues they may have, explaining the condition and the treatment in a simple and direct manner. Even if you don't get anything specific back from them, you can be comforted by trusting that your communication is helping them to cope with a potentially upsetting situation and is reassuring them that you're there.
My vision is one of perfect health for you and all your beloved animals. However, if you do have to face a medical intervention, communicating with your animals is an essential part of easing stress and returning your family to normal, everyday, vital life!

Resource of the Season

Joanna Beth Seere
Spiritual Healer and Telepathic Communicator 
Joanna Beth Seere, a gifted spiritual healer and communicator, has been a great support to my dear clients throughout my practice.  She has also been a tremendous support to me and my own beloved animals in times of illness and transition into spirit.
When my cat, Puffkin, started having neurological problems, I knew that she needed more than conventional veterinary care. So I called on my colleague and friend, Joanna Seere, to see if she could work with my little one to revive her vitality and focus.
Joanna agreed to give Puffkin weekly healing and balancing sessions, using distance healing while we were all connected by phone.
After each session, Puffkin returned to her lighter, more vital self for most of the week in between. Puff actually started to settle into a special spot on my desk just before each session, at the ready for her special healing!
I truly believe that Joanna's healing gifts gave dear Puffkin several more years of high quality life. She was able to live normally up until a couple of months before her passing.
During that transition period, Joanna was there for us, keeping her as comfortable as possible, comforting me and my husband, and gently guiding the process Puffkin had chosen. That support helped us beyond any words could say.
Spunky, our remaining cat, suffered spinal problems in the last years of his life. Joanna again was there to help relieve his pain, to vitalize his body and spirit, and to recommend natural therapies to help him retain his physical abilities until just before his passing. As much as I miss both of my dear "Himmies," I know that everything I did for them, including using Joanna's gifts of healing and balancing, helped both to live fully until their transitions.
As I mentioned in my "editorial" above, Ming, our adorable Shih Tzu, has also been the recipient of Joanna's healing gifts. After she gave him a healing the day of his surgery last summer, we were amazed to see how alert and calm he was. The entire veterinary staff working with Ming was also surprised at his remarkable recovery from the procedure. Joanna boosted him a few days later, and by the second week, he was just about back to his normal self.
I am so happy to share this wonderful resource with all of you to count on if your animals are in need of this unique and beneficial spiritual healing. In addition to her individual sessions, she holds monthly group work. If you would like to be included in Joanna's "Circle of Prayer and Healing" sessions, please email her at:
Please browse Joanna's beautiful website on her spiritual healing and telepathic communicating services and workshops at:

A True Story

This story, by Caroline McMickle, is, in her own words, "one of those seemingly impossible wondrous true life dog stories that give us a glimpse of the true reality of the order of the universe, well known by dogs, but often forgotten, ignored, or disbelieved by us humans." 
Maizy's Return 
We first called Rae Ramsey to help us understand the best way to care for our elderly dog, Maizy, in February 2007. Rae offered the most compassionate and vital assistance right up to the day of Maizy's passing. Looking back on that first appointment, we recall our gratitude, amazement, and sheer joy of this open communication that arose with Maizy through Rae's expertise. In addition to finding out in detail Maizy's physical and emotional needs, a wonderful dialogue unveiling her outlook on life and philosophical leanings revealed itself. 
One year after her passing, I had a riveting Maizy dream. It was so vital, "real," and simple. Maizy came over my right shoulder and gave me a huge slurp. I was then immersed in a flood of beautiful scintillating white light for some time. On waking, I knew this was something to pay attention to. A few days later, visiting with a new puppy across the street, we became acutely aware that the consequent lift in our spirits was pulling us to consider puppy parenting. The next week we found ourselves setting an appointment with Rae to discuss our rather sudden sense that it was time to search for our next dog. Our daughter had been encouraging this for many months. All I had been able to say in response was, "I just want Maizy." And I meant it. Read on.
In our appointment with Rae, Maizy came through with great joy, revealing that the pulls we felt toward looking for another dog had been her way of testing the waters to see if we were truly ready for this. She was ready for her transition to another body. Clearly the longing to be reunited was mutual! It was agreed that we would start the search.
In the weeks that followed, Allen and I continued to have dreams and glimpses and visions of Maizy. Though plagued with doubts of "how will we recognize her" and "what if we get the wrong puppy!" we kept our focus on what Maizy had told us through Rae. First and foremost, she was clear that our longing to be together was the single most significant means to find one another. She also assured us that she would make it very easy, that she would do something unmistakably "Maizyish" so we could recognize her, and that we would know it was her by looking into the eyes of this new dog.
We kept our focus on puppies; however, in an entire month we did not feel a connection with a single one. The search and lack of results were starting to wear us down. Finally a puppy caught our attention - but someone had already spoken for him. It felt like a huge loss - had we missed the opportunity to reunite with Maizy? That evening, I had a dream: Maizy got out of the house and was lost. I was frantic as time passed, knowing I needed to exert all my efforts looking for her. Suddenly Maizy came rushing into the house again. I cried out "Maizy, Maizy, I found you!" The next morning all anxiety and doubt were gone. I felt that everything would be fine, and shifted my focus to trust, to continuing to look for her, and dropped doubt out of the equation. The search continued. The next weekend, we found her.
KeppiWe almost didn't go look at these puppies. When we talked with the family who advertised a litter of Yorkiepoos on Craig's list, it seemed unlikely that we would want a dog that small, and did we really want to drive that far? And then it was clear; we decided that yes, we should go. We were greeted by four wiggly puppies and their doggie mother. Without any hesitation, one little pup came right up to kiss me. I handed him to Allen and it was the same thing -- lots of kisses. We kept quietly asking him, "are you Maizy?" The puppy crawled into my lap to nap briefly, and toddled over to Allen's lap and did the same. Then our little sweetie firmly picked up a styrofoam plate (easily four times his size) and, with some difficulty but great determination, brought it directly to Allen. That did it. Clearly this puppy was saying to us, I'm your dog. Clearly, he had Maizy's loving personality, her great sense of humor, and, as the puppy said to us in our first Rae Ramsey appointment with him, "Well, what more do I have to do? It happened just as I said it would." And it did. 
We left in a state of wonder and joy, with a tiny Maizy puppy in our lap. On arriving home, the puppy, as yet unnamed, immediately sat on Allen's foot -- a hallmark Maizy behavior. In the days that followed, we were inundated with Maizy behaviors from our little guy. For ten years, Maizy had been Allen's office manager, greeting clients at the door and sitting in on all appointments. She always went to the home office door at the stroke of 8:30 am, even in her elder frail days, to report for work. We were quite stunned to find our 2 pound, 7 week old puppy waiting for Allen at the office door promptly at 8:30 am on more than one morning. In the final 2-3 years of her life, Maizy took to sleeping in the most uncomfortable looking positions, falling half-way out of her bed onto the floor. Within the first week at home, we came upon the puppy, happily sleeping half-way out of one of Maizy's old beds.
Our daughter visited one week later and named the pup Keppi, which means "joy of life" in Finnish, and describes him perfectly. We contributed with the middle name Keegan, which means "little fiery one" in Hindi, which, as a test of our patience and good spirits, also describes him perfectly. We are so at ease together. It feels like a joyous reunion every day, with more and more challenges and lessons at every turn. As Rae told us, this is "a small dog with a big presence."
Keppi captures the hearts of all with his adorable sweetness. This is a special dog, most special to us for showing us that it is entirely possible to hold the solid belief that you never do really lose your loved ones, and that sometimes, sometimes, if you love one another just that much, and long for one another beyond imagining, you can have the great good fortune to be reunited once again in the same lifetime.
We thank Rae for her support and guidance in making this a reality for us. If you have the opportunity to communicate with your animal(s) through Rae, listen fully to what they tell you. Here are Maizy's words from our July 2009 appointment with Rae: "You must trust your own heart. I will make it easy for you. But it can be easy to doubt. This is an experience of trust of self." 
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By going back and forth between your own practice and our phone mentoring sessions, you will be able to expand, adjust, and deepen your abilities at a much faster pace than if you work on your own.

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