Animal Connections Newsletter     
  By Rae Ramsey                    Autumn, 2007

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France


Contemplating Autumn


Autumn is slowly arriving, transforming my city environment into a lush and colorful landscape of many burnished hues and textures. Whether you too live in a city or closer to nature in the country, I hope you're taking in all the sights, aromas, changes in temperature, and shifts in life's rhythms that are inevitable at this time of year.


Besides longer walks in cooler temperatures, changes in scenery as you and your loved ones look outside from your favorite room at home, and the increased pace of activities that comes with this season, what special plans do you have for your animal family?


Perhaps it's time for that annual or semi-annual checkup with your veterinarian, to make sure each of your animals is maintaining optimum health. It could be a quick review of food and supplements or some internet research on the latest products that could be helpful for specific needs of your dear ones. Maybe a special grooming session would prepare your dog for the winter months. Or a new brush for your cat's coat! Even a new fascinating toy for your bird's cage could be a welcome addition to his or her day!


Every season I make time to sit with my dog, Ming, and have a quarterly conversation about the coming changes in our routine. I want to know of any concerns he might have, how he enjoyed the last season, what new activities he'd like to do, and any changes he might want me to make. In short, I want to check in on his well-being and satisfaction with life. It's always fun and informative and I feel even closer to my little guy as a result.


If you would like to have this sort of conversation with your own beloved animals, I'd like to share some thoughts that might make it especially meaningful for all of you. Although I'm sure you express your love and appreciation on a daily basis, taking time to do so when you and your animals are in a relaxed and focused state can illuminate the gifts you bring to one another in a very profound way.


I know many of you are thinking, "but I won't be able to hear what they have to say." My answer is, "yes, you will!" You can receive your answers in many ways: by tuning in to any feelings you have while talking with them, by a "knowing" that comes during your conversation or anytime afterwards, by that look in their eyes, and by being observant of how your life together unfolds in the days following your talk. And yes, you might even receive words, so trust that if you do!


To open up your communication with each other, here are some possible questions to ask your loved ones: What was your favorite part of the summer? Are you ready for a change in food flavors? How is that back leg doing? Would you like a new bed? What kind? What can I do to make this season especially fun for you? Any new toys? You'll think of your own specific questions that will be meaningful to your animals. Using questions as an opening to your communicating, you can let the conversation go wherever it needs to go. I'd love to hear your experiences with this adventure!


As I moved into my autumn schedule, I realized that it is time to change my Animal Connections Newsletter to a quarterly publication. This will allow me to spend more time with you, my treasured clients, and to make progress on the many-faceted aspects of my life. So here is my autumn offering for your enjoyment and inspiration. Look for the winter edition by the end of January, 2008!


I wish you a delightful autumn, a blessed Thanksgiving, a Holiday Season filled with joy, hope, and inspiration, and a New Year of peace and fulfillment--both for you and your animal companions!



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Question of the Month

This Question is from Janet Johnson

What have animals told you about humans in your conversations with them throughout the years?

My communication with other species is often focused on their needs, their unique situation, and how their human companions can help them. However, many of my clients have asked about their animals' perspective on the lives of their humans. In my experience, they are most willing to share their insights, advice, and observations about their human companions.

One woman, an artist, was advised by her cat to create much larger works than she had been painting. This opened up possibilities for showings that expanded her influence in her professional world.

Another artist, this one a writer, received regular guidance from her muse, her dear cat, on plot development, characters, and the work's conclusion.

Several of my clients have been advised clearly about their relationships and how their animal companions felt about their partners or friends. Of course, some humans took the advice to heart, while others decided against it!

Animals often love to "be" with their humans when they're left behind on a vacation, and have reported not only scenes they could "see" through their person's eyes, but also have reacted to the food their humans were eating!

Animals regularly react to environments that are either supportive to their humans or are at odds with their human's own energy. They are so often right on!

One dog I spoke with had a real knack for interior decorating and had specific recommendations as to the most supportive colors for his person's office.

Even beyond passing into spirit, I have had touching messages sent to humans left behind as to their next steps in fulfilling their lives.

In my own experience, my cats have been barometers for my state of mind, comforting me under stress and diverting my attention to provide a soothing break from my life's concerns. They have been a part of many of my life decisions and have encouraged me to continue to develop my life's path. My dog, Ming, lets me know when I need to step back and look at things with a fresh eye. All my animals through the years have had reactions to my singing (mostly good!) and to what I chose to sing. Great little teachers, they are!

I have also been privileged to hear our fellow species' concerns about our planet and their hope for our involvement in correcting our human course before it is too late. This seems to be a consistent message that I and other communicators are receiving in these difficult times for our planet. My hope is that we will heed their pleas with haste!

This is a taste of the kinds of insights animals can share with us about our own lives, if we wish to hear them. They are just as willing to merely witness our lives with love and caring, as that is a large part of their purpose in being with us in the first place. Their wisdom, kindness, forgiveness, and connection to the Divine are such profound resources for us humans in our own journey through life. Their presence is a blessing beyond words.


Do you have a question about telepathic communication? Please send it to me at  If I use your question in a future issue, you will receive a one-half hour ($50. value) animal communication session with me!

Resource of the Month


Valuable Book:

Animal Reiki
Using energy to heal the animals in your life
By Elizabeth Fulton & Kathleen Prasad


My experience with Reiki dates back many years. After completing the First and Second Degrees of the training, I have used this system of bodywork to heal, balance, and promote well-being of both humans and animals.


Developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy." It is a form of energy healing that touches on all aspects of being--mind, body, and spirit. This channeling of universal energy can be done by the laying on of hands or from a distance. There are many sources on the internet that you can research to understand the background and development of this wonderful bodywork.


In this issue, I would like to highlight the book, Animal Reiki, because I feel it is one of the best and most accessible books available for animal lovers.


Written by an animal communicator, Elizabeth Fulton, and a Reiki Master, Kathleen Prasad, this book is a great introduction to the application of Reiki to the needs of animals. After a thorough introduction to the origin and basics of this holistic work, the authors provide: guidelines for treatment; working on specific animals; the benefits of Level 2; bringing this work to shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations; as well as using Reiki for personal healing and transformation.


Throughout the book, the authors provide pictures illustrating the technique, amazing stories, and heartful encouragement to the reader. The resources included in the appendix are in-depth and extensive. I recommend this inspiring book to all of you who would like to expand your holistic understanding of healing, balancing, and enhancing the life force in your animals and in yourself.


Here is a link to purchase the book:



Here are links to the authors' websites:


Elizabeth Fulton:


Kathleen Prasad:




A True Story

This story, by Dina Hamlin, shows how great loss can come full circle into great joy, as love triumphs over grief.



On March 25, 2002, with tears streaming down my face, I held my beloved cat Storm's failing body in my arms. As I struggled to make a decision, I telepathically asked him what HE wanted me to do. Suddenly, a feeling of calm washed over me and I knew his soul wanted to go home. When Storm's vet, Pam, removed his Elizabethan collar and feeding tube, he stared into my eyes with such unconditional love. I will carry that memory in my heart forever.


As a human spirit communicator I accept death as a normal part of life, but I couldn't accept Storm's. An incompetent vet had caused his heart failure and I blamed myself. How could a psychic not know what was going to happen?


Guilt-ridden, I tortured myself, until a friend told me about an animal communicator, Rae Ramsey, who had helped her through the loss of several of her own beloved animals. Desperate for relief from my overwhelming grief and guilt, I called Rae. During our session, she told me Storm would come back to me in this life. My first question was, "When?" but since there's no time in the spirit world, a definitive answer was impossible. My second question was, "How would I know it was Storm?" (a ridiculous question for a psychic) I was terrified I wouldn't find Storm amidst the endless sea of homeless kittens. Rae and Storm assured me I would know.


In January 2005, I had a terrible car accident. Shortly afterward, when my cats, Krystal and Reno became ill, I once again had to use a local vet. It wasn't enough. Krystal passed away in May 2006 and Reno passed away three weeks ago at the AMC after maxi-facial cancer surgery. Rae supported me through it all, even coming to visit me at the hospital.


During our session with Rae before the surgery, Reno asked me how he would look afterward. I told him he would always be beautiful to me, but the surgery was worse than we ever imagined; he looked grotesque. During visiting hours, Reno told me he didn't want anyone to see him that way. Not wanting him to suffer, I told his soul to go home. The next day our vet, Pam, called to say he was failing and to get there as fast as I could. I was almost there when Pam called to say Reno's heart had stopped and they were keeping him alive with a respirator until I arrived. Although he was unconscious, the minute I walked into the room his heart started beating again.


Pam asked me what I wanted to do. I said I was sending him home. Just as we did with Storm, we removed the tubes, and after I held Reno in my arms and said goodbye, Pam released him from his ravaged body.


As Reno's doctor and my friend, Pam was devastated. Medically, Reno shouldn't have died, but when the soul wants to go home, nothing can prevent it.


Rae waited several days to speak to Reno in spirit. Instinctively I knew he was in light. I knew he was happy. I knew he was healed. The one thing I didn't know was if he had forgiven me for allowing the surgery, but Reno told me through Rae that there was nothing to forgive and thanked me for sending him home.


And then the miracle happened.


My cousin Phyllis' daughter, Rachel, is a volunteer at the Freeport Animal Shelter. Phyllis told me about an extraordinary kitten there and sent me cell phone pictures. Bells went off in my head. I wanted her, but was crushed to learn she had been pre-adopted. Knowing how desperate I was to have her, my cousin stopped by the shelter on her way home from work. Thankfully, the person hadn't come, so this kitten was available. The next day I went to the shelter with my friends, Brenda and J J.


And then, it happened in the only way it could. When a volunteer handed her to me, we looked into each other eyes and experienced the unexpected jolt of soul recognition. Although Brenda held Dallas (Storm was now a girl) while I did the paperwork, when I got into the car and held her, it was obvious she knew she was mine.


After Storm died, I often told Rae the thing I missed most was the way he laid his head on my chest and purred his heart out, which is exactly what Dallas did when we got home and took a nap together. She rests her head on my chest, lays her head on my cheek, and follows me around the house--all the things Storm did.


As happy as I was to have Storm back, another kitten at the shelter had caught my attention. He was the spitting image of Reno. I went back the next day, but amongst dozens of kittens running around the kitten room, I couldn't find him. I described him to Rachel and on Sunday, she found him and sent me a picture on her cell phone. I enlarged the picture and felt the jolt of soul recognition as I gazed into Reno's eyes. He came home with me the next day.


During my appointment with Rae that evening, she confirmed that Storm was in Dallas' body and Reno was in his new body. (I have since renamed Dallas "Storm"--I needed to be able to call out that name and once again have Storm come running) There are no words to describe my joy or the gratitude in our hearts. I don't know what Storm, Reno, and I ever did to be so blessed, not only with each other, but most especially with Rae, who is an angel.


So if you are waiting for your miracle, as I'm still waiting for Krystal, please know it can and often does happen.


Love transcends all boundaries, even time, space, and death. Never doubt that you and your beloved animals will be together once again when you enter the light and cross the Rainbow Bridge.

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