Animal Connections Newsletter
   By Rae Ramsey                                     June, 2007
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France

Taking Time


I have many things on my "To Do" list, and sometimes it's hard to put that list aside and "just be" with my dog, Ming. Living together day by day, I just know what his needs, moods, and desires are at a given moment. Still, there's nothing like taking time to really be with each other, to really tune in to his being and have a heart-to-heart chat. (Ming calls it "talking to me in my head!")


When I do take that time, I find that my whole pace has to slow down and my listening has to intensify, in order to have a meaningful dialogue with him. I always feel more relaxed and satisfied after we've had our special time together, and he seems to be more content himself. And, even though we are in close touch throughout the day, I'm always grateful to find him so willing to communicate telepathically. I always learn something new about him!

What do we talk about? Depending on the activities of the day, it might be about how he liked his special breakfast, the weather during our walks, if he's tired after a jaunt along the East River, how he enjoyed our guests, does he want to go to the Shih Tzu gathering in the park?


We might confer on an upcoming trip to the vet for a check-up, a session with his groomer, how he enjoyed his time with his special dog sitter while we were away, or how that back leg is feeling.


One time I asked him how he liked being with the other dogs at the play center when he was a puppy. His reply was, "There are a lot of dogs there, but I'm brave and strong!" Another time, he told me that "his cats" understood why he liked to chase them and it was all right with them. (well, sometimes!) Before I first took him to a dog-friendly party, I asked him to give me a signal when he was ready to go; he told me he'd come over, sit at my side, and give me "a look." When that time came at the party, there was no mistaking his message. Over he marched, parked himself at my right and gave me his look! (Yes, we left shortly after that!)


In the last years of my cats' lives, we had many talks about the treatments we planned, how they were feeling as time passed, their reactions to various caregivers, and ultimately, how they wanted to make their transition back to spirit. Having had an ongoing dialogue throughout Puffkin and Spunky's lives helped tremendously when it came to talking about such crucial life issues. I'll always be grateful to each of them for guiding me as we made that journey through those years.


One especially meaningful way of being together is to bring a specific issue in your own life to your animal companion and ask if they can shed any insight upon it. I have experienced this with my animal family, and I have also shown my clients at key times how to do this with their own animals. The results have often been remarkable! They know us so well and often it seems that their answers come from a special spiritual place that transcends our day-to-day relationships. From sharing their feelings about a move to another home, a new significant person in our lives, progress on our singing, painting, or writing, (yes they have opinions on these topics!) to the best time to leave for a vacation, our animal companions can help us see our lives in a new light.


There are many ways to engage in this special dialogue. One way I have found that works well for me and my clients is this: find a time when you both can be together for a few uninterrupted minutes, quiet your mind through deep breathing, meditation, or your own special method, present your issue to your companion, and ask for light to be shed upon it. You may get an answer at that time, but be especially watchful for messages you'll get in the most creative ways after you've had this talk. Knowledge may come in the form of a book you'll run across, a suggestion out of the blue by a friend or acquaintance, a song you'll hear, or a movie you're drawn to see. This process is a wonderful way of deepening your bond with your special friend.


Whether your "taking time" together is filled with details of the day, questions about their preferences, managing an illness or injury, or communing about some of the profound issues of your lives, this simple process is such an effective way to grow closer through the years. I would love to hear about your experiences as you embark on this adventure!


And now, I hope you'll enjoy "taking time" to read this Newsletter!


Question of the Month

This Question is from Susan Smith


Can I communicate with insects?


A resounding YES! In fact, it is possible to communicate with all sentient beings on the earth. Often when people become interested in communicating with other species, they think of their feline, canine, equine, or feathered friends. However, communicating with the insect world is a fascinating and often productive endeavor. It takes focus and commitment to do this, just as it does with your companion animals. You can engage these beings in a delightful exchange, to learn more about them, or to request something of them.


I personally have had the privilege of communicating with quite a variety of members of the insect world and have increased my appreciation of them greatly as a result. When I took my first training in Interspecies Communication, I had an encounter with a mosquito. I noticed him on the wall just before I turned out the light to get a good night's sleep before the first day of the training. "What an opportunity," I thought to myself. I already knew that I was an easy mark for these creatures, as they uncannily discerned that my thin skin made an easy snack! So I decided to try. I told him, "I'm here to learn to communicate with other species and I'd like to practice with you. It's OK with me if you stay here, but I request that you don't bite me. It's very painful and takes a long time to heal. Will you honor my request?" I seemed to get a "Yes, I can refrain, if you wish." (or something on that order) So I drifted off to sleep, just a bit nervous about what might happen, once I did.


Well, morning came, and I opened my eyes to see him in about the same spot on the wall. I quickly looked at my arms, and no bites! I thanked him and got ready to run to my first class. When I shared my experience with my classmates, another student then shared that she'd had a similar encounter, but had allowed just one bite, with no anesthesia injected, as that caused an allergic reaction. She too woke up that morning and inspected her arms. In this case, there it was a single bite on her arm, but no allergic reaction! We all had a delightful laugh over that!


Another time my husband, John, and I were on a vacation and checked into a charming country inn. When we went into our room, I saw quite a family of Ladybugs, my favorite insect! I greeted them and admired their beauty and light spirit. I told them we'd be honored to have them stay, but please not to disturb us. Not even a whisk of their wings did we feel! I thanked them the next morning and then eyed an agile spider on the top of a chair. I went right over and talked to her too. I admired her agility and ability to spin that fine "yarn." She took it upon herself to demonstrate her ability by spinning her way down to the floor and back up to the top of the chair. She did this two or three times, when she suddenly fell to the floor, rather than spin her way there! She scurried away in what I suspected was embarrassment, though I didn't take time to ask her if she really felt that. We both just stood there in amazement at her performance. What a treat that was!


I have asked yellow jackets to back away from a family picnic, flies to leave my lunch alone, bugs to stay away from my apartment, and moths to leave my clothes alone, all with success! They really do get messages from humans and will accommodate our wishes if it doesn't interfere greatly with their purpose in being where they are.


So I invite you to experiment with the insects that you meet this summer, and see if you can strike up a conversation. To help you, here are two books for your summer reading:

Lauck, Joanne Elizabeth, The Voice of the Infinite in the Small, Shambhala Publications, Boston and London, 2002

Boone, J. Allen, Kinship With All Life, Harper, San Francisco, 1976

Do you have a question about telepathic communication? Please send it to me at If I use your question in a future issue, you will receive a one-half hour ($50. value) animal communication sesssion with me!


Resource of the Month

The Mouse Factory


This is my favorite source for cat toys! I've been ordering their products for twenty years, for my own cats and as gifts to my cat friends.  The materials are colorful and delightful, the catnip is "Home Grown," the variety is bound to please the most discerning of felines, and the toys are safe for the roughest of play! You can visit "a store near you" or order directly from the company, based in Pennsylvania. I've seen other cat toy companies come and go, but The Mouse Factory has survived the years, and for good reason!


Click on the link below to browse their inventory:


A True Story

This story is contributed by my client, Eric Hendricks, who has had quite an adventure with two very special German Shepherds. . .


Tales of Major and Mara


I had just bought a sprawling house in the country with four acres of grounds. Now that I was in my new home, I had a secret wish--to have a German Shepard or two come to be part of the family. There was only one problem--my partner, Carol's idea of a dog was a cute, fluffy mini-ball of fun. The very idea of a large, "fierce" dog terrified her--there was a GAP!
Not to be deterred, I found a website specializing in highly trained German Shepards, imported from Germany. There on the site, I found what might be the perfect fit for both of us--a gorgeous black, glossy female with the sweetest face--not fierce at all! Now all I had to do was to persuade Carol to at least look at the site!
To ensure success, I had an ace up my sleeve--I would call upon the help of Animal Communicator, Rae Ramsey, to provide insight into the character and personality of the dog that I now had my heart set on. Rae communicated with Mara and shared many insights, among them that she was a very loving dog ("I have a big heart!) who just wanted to lie by the hearth in a home where she was loved. Rae felt that Mara had experienced some past trauma and had had "the back of the hand" of her previous owner applied more than once. Carol really connected with Mara, and by the time the communication was over, she had accepted this beautiful dog into her heart. What a breakthrough!   Success at last!
After assuring Mara about the trip from her present home, the environment she'd be living in, and the loving family she'd have around her, she accepted my invitation to join our family. Because of Rae's messages to her, and the  recommendation of specific Bach Flower Remedies,
Mara's arrival and settling in was much smoother than I had anticipated. She did indeed become a perfect addition to our lives!
Several months later, we decided that Mara needed a friend, so back I went to the website! There I found Major, a beautiful male Shepard from East Germany. To be sure he would fit into the family, I again consulted Rae. She really got Major's essence as a "gentle giant." He came across as calm, stable, excellent with people and other animals--in short, a noble prince of dogs.  So Rae prepared him for his trip, and he soon arrived to complete the circle.
With Major and Mara it was love at first sight. Major took one look at Mara and proceeded to pursue her with his tongue hanging out, at breakneck speed around the property--he was never able to catch her and it is that way today!
Not long after they settled in, I noticed that neither dog would go into the lower level basement--even when commanded, they both refused to move. I decided to ask Rae to find out what the problem was. She tuned in with them and discovered that they both had been kept in cold dank cellars in Germany. Rae assured them that it was safe to go below the stairs in their new home. Immediately after the call, I called them down the stairs and to my astonishment, they obeyed!
Over the last four years, I have worked regularly with Rae to provide insight into how Major and Mara are faring, both physically and emotionally. When Carol and I are away traveling, we tune in to find out how the dogs are doing and to reassure them that we love and miss them. Rae has taught us how to picture to the dogs what we are doing and when we will be back.
When either dog has an ailment, Rae is able to provide insight and perspective as to what is wrong energetically and what course of action to take. Recently Major clearly seemed to be in physical discomfort, so I called Rae to find out what was going on. She "scanned" his body and immediately determined that there was inflammation and a blockage in his abdomen and he needed to see a vet immediately. Sure enough the vet was able to confirm that there was a minor case of bloat that could have become very serious if not promptly attended to.
What a joy and comfort it has been over the last few years, to be able to truly communicate with the dogs through Rae and understand their personalities, their likes, dislikes, their humor, and appreciate the unconditional love that they give on a daily basis. Without Rae, none of this would have been possible. Thank you, thank you, Rae!

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By going back and forth between your own practice and our phone mentoring sessions, you will be able to expand, adjust, and deepen your abilities at a much faster pace than if you work on your own.

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