Animal Connections Newsletter
     By Rae Ramsey                                       May, 2007
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France
Welcome to the second issue of Animal Connections Newsletter! Thank you for your enthusiastic response to the premier issue. I was touched by your comments and inspired to make this next issue even more valuable and informative for you.
This month I want to share some thoughts with you about living with our animals in. . .
The Spirit of Joy!
I believe that joy is a central reason that we have companion animals in our lives. Having lived both with and without them at different times, I know that, with them, my life takes on a dimension of delight and illumination that just isn't present otherwise. From years of communicating with you, my dear human and animal clients, I have found that the joy you have in each other's presence is a constant source of celebration!
Why is joy so important in living a full life? From my experience, the presence of this emotion heals and balances, enhances our sense of being alive, opens and expands our hearts, uplifts our spirits, and is a truly wonderful gift to share with others.
Throughout my life with my own animal companions, I have taken joy in such everyday occurances as seeing the antics of my two cats as they've "sparred" in a kitty fisticuffs episode, observing my dog eat his dinner with such obvious relish, seeing the surprise on one of their faces as another "ambushed" her in a mock attack from behind a sofa, noticing the ecstatic look on my dog's face as I give him a tummy rub, or feeling the soft fur and hearing the soft purr of my sweet cat as he settled down on my pillow as I drifted off to sleep. I can just imagine the myriad of recollections you have as you contemplate the joys your own animal friends have brought you throughout the years! And they in turn have absorbed and basked in the joy of your touch, a great meal presented, an early-morning walk in the park, a toy tossed just one more time, or your return after a long day away from home.
Many years ago I discovered that I had closed my heart in order to avoid the pain I had experienced. At that time, I realized that the price of feeling no sorrow was to miss out on feeling joy as well.
When I was able to open my heart anew, I released much grief from my being. In feeling that sorrow as it surfaced and released, I discovered that I could once again feel great joy as well! Ever since then it has been my intention to feel all life's emotions fully and to share my joys and sorrows with all who might benefit from my own journey.
I invite you to focus on joy this month--revel in the joy your loved ones bring you, delight in the memory of each day's joys as you go to sleep, find new joys to experience and to share with your animals and other loved ones, and tell them how much joy they bring into your life!
And now, ENJOY this Newsletter and feel free to forward it to your loved ones--my gift to all of you!
Question of the Month

This Question is from Betsy Todd

What can I do to stay in touch with my animals when I'm not with them?

What an opportunity to practice your intuitive communication skills! Whether you're at work, at a social event, keeping appointments, or traveling, this is a chance to expand your ability to connect with your animal companions when you are not with them.

The process is simple. Before you "tune in" to your animals, take a moment to quiet your mind, so that you can project a clear message to them and be in a receptive state to receive their response. You may either carry a picture of each animal with you, or just imagine them right in front of you.

Ask them how they are, what they are doing, or whatever other pertinent questions you may have. Then imagine that you are receiving their answer, which will help to open the door to allowing their responses to come to you. A feeling, an image, or even words may come your way! Accept what you get. It's important to remind yourself that they are getting your messages. Even if you don't feel you're getting anything back at first, the connection is being made and they are appreciating your efforts. Just telling them that you love and miss them can be so comforting. It is helpful to let them know when you'll be arriving home, if you know when that will be. You can also share with them what you're doing and they often report seeing the scenes in their minds that you are describing! This is a great way to share your enjoyable experiences with those left back at home.

Since I've been using this process with my own animals, I've found that they are much more peaceful when I return. From the experiences my clients have shared, this is also the case with them. The benefits of this simple check-in are quite remarkable indeed! In addition, this way of communicating can just be fun! I remember a time when I tuned in to my two cats as my husband and I were returning home from a vacation. When I said "Hello," they replied, "We're busy now!" Yes, I apologized and tuned in later, when they were not quite so busy! I also relish a time when I tuned in to my dog, telling him we would be a little late coming home. He let me know that things were pretty boring around there and we'd better hurry!

If you've never tried to communicate with your animals intuitively, you might take a look at some of the excellent books on the Reading List page on my website. As you practice, you'll get better at it and the rewards will be great on both sides of the conversation!


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Resource of the Month

The Whole Dog Journal


A Monthly Guide to Natural Dog Care and Training


This journal is one of my favorite resources for holistic, natural, and alternative care for our canine friends. Since 1998, this excellent Guide has been informing dog parents on the latest in training, nutrition, herbal supplements, traveling with canines, stress issues, puppy and elder care, vet visits, sports injuries, grooming, and so much more. By subscribing, you'll have access to each monthly issue online as well as by mail, plus a wealth of specific resources on as wide a range of dog-related topics as you can imagine.


Some of the articles recently published include: "Riding in Cars With Dogs," "Don't Leave Home Without It," (arnica) "Diet and the Older Dog," "Reducing His Concerns," (acupressure) and "Top Quality Dry Dog Foods," to name just a few.


For more information on The Whole Dog Journal and to order your subscription, click on this link:



P.S.:  Attention Cat Parents! You'll have your day with a very special toy resource next month!


Pet Food Recall Update

By this time, I'm certain that most of you are fully aware of the tragic Pet Food contamination and resulting illness and deaths of perhaps thousands of our nation's companion animals. There are still reports coming in that additional brands are being recalled, as more information is discovered about this horrendous situation. I hope that none of you had any incidents with your animals companions.


I have decided to simply provide you with two sites that you can access to keep up-to-date on developments regarding the Recall. There are many links from each site for more in-depth details as you need them. Please click below to access the sites:


A True Story

This story is continued from my April issue, where Christine Fotheringham introduced readers to Sasha and her delightful brood of kittens and recounted stories of their amazing first few weeks.


Sasha and Her Babies


The Story Continues . . .



When the kittens were about four weeks old and getting about, it seemed like a good time to give them names, or find out if they already had them. So Rae introduced herself to them, but they were quite nonplussed. Apparently, they were looking at each other, saying "What?" So Rae asked for their guides and masters to assist. They obliged readily and advised us that these names would help bring out their individual destinies.


Edward had been named by Ernie (my dear cat on the Other Side) when he was helping to teach this little one to eat. His comment was that there was a sense of regalness in this kitten. So no nicknames.


The chocolate one should have a name from the wild. She became Legadema, which means "light from the sky" and is the name of the leopard cub in a National Geographic special, "Eye of the Leopard." 


The Guides said to us that the dark brown kitten should have a very feminine name that encourages interaction. Of course - Miss Penelope Brown. 


The black one, with one white toe, should have a spiritual name. Her destiny is to be helpful and healing. I chose Hamsa as the Hamsa Hand is an ancient symbol of protection.


Everything went swimmingly, until one day a few weeks later, Hamsa was stretched out on her back on my lap and I noticed that she had a couple of bumps in a place where girl kitties don't usually have bumps. Immediately I ran around the house grabbing and flipping kittens and discovered that no one else had bumps! So Hamsa, the girl, became Hamsa, the boy, and Edward became Edwina. I'm sure the universe had a few laughs at Ernie's joke!


The litter box was a puzzle. They didn't know why they had to walk so far, when it was so easy to just go where they were. Fortunately, Rae suggested a covered box to entice them.  I found a do-it-yourself litter box tent that was much larger than their box. This was a new place to play, which they loved, and the box was so close it was easy to go!  Naturally, it was a group activity. Every time one of them went, there were three faces peering over the edge, supervising - and sometimes jumping in for a closer inspection!


Weaning had its own set of challenges. Eventually, they did start eating some food, but they were, and are, very finicky.  I wanted to make sure they were really healthy so I purchased only the finest canned food and included extra supplements. The group response was "Bleah! It smells funny--we want taste, smell, crunch, tearing into flesh. Keep it simple. No supplements." Then they asked for mice! Needless to say, they've had to settle for chicken.


At around 10 weeks, Rae and I told them it was time for them to have their forever home and that people would be coming to visit them. Their response was, "We're a pod. We have our routine and we're just fine right here. These people are intruders.They can come and visit and then go!" End of discussion. 


Despite this, one of my friends fell in love with Edwina and when Rae talked to Edwina, she said "Oh yes, that's my new mom!"  She said she was ready to move and we could come and visit.  However, she left so much sadness behind her, my efforts to find new homes lost a lot of impetus.


Now, they're eight months old and on those days when I've put back all the area rugs after the morning speed and agility trials, closed all the cabinets after their daily inspection, dug a couple of squirming bodies out of the refrigerator, wiped the nose and paw prints from my PC screen, had my latest attempt at tasty home cooking sneered at and recovered from having four paws, claws extended for better traction, land on my back when I bend over, my enthusiasm for finding "forever" homes returned.


Immediately, I was living with the poster children for the Well-Behaved Irresistible Cat Society!  I received gentle pats on my knee and a sweet plea to be picked up, furry bodies managed to creep up into my arms and gaze adoringly into my eyes, almost any food I put down was eaten, and of course my heart melted. This lasted a few days, but then I swear, there was a group consensus of "I think we dodged that one, guys!  Now, let the games begin again!" And now I'm surrendering to the fact that they have found their forever home.



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