Animal Connections Newsletter
  By Rae Ramsey                           Spring, 2008

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France

At last, spring is in the air in my bustling New York City! People and their animal companions are coming out of hibernation to greet brighter sun, warmer days, and budding flowers. I always feel a sense of starting life anew as I stroll through Central Park with my husband, John, and our dear Ming. The blossoms are so light and fluffy, the buds on the trees so full of promise, and the grass is taking on that fresh and bright green hue that I've been looking forward to beholding.


Enough of introspection; I want action! Enough of cozy evenings at home; I want to sit out at a café with my family, watching the world go by! Enough of--well, you get the point. Spring ushers in a whole new array of activities that we can enjoy, and our beloved animals are no less enthusiastic about the possibilities. What's in store for you and your dear ones? That hike on the nearby trail? Playing fetch in the park? Opening windows so the cats can take in the spring breezes? Reacquainting yourself with returning bird visitors?


This is a time of year in which renewal is in order for humans and animals alike--indeed, all of nature. Some of you may be thinking about a new haircut or grooming session; others may be planning a trip to the vet or physician to make sure you're ready for increased activity levels; perhaps others are on their way to visit favorite stores to see about new culinary delights. This is a time for all kinds of new beginnings.


Part of my spring awakening involves choosing a new inspirational book to read that will stimulate my own spiritual growth and expansion. My desire to find such a resource recently coincided with the beginning of an online class revolving around the book, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle. Oprah Winfrey has arranged for him to discuss this book with her in a ten-part series that illuminates the message he brings in his latest book, chapter by chapter. If this interests you, I am including information for you to buy the book and to participate in this ground-breaking class with people all around the world. This work has great significance for our entire planet, which of course includes all its inhabitants!


Here is a link to the book, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose:


Here is the link to the 10-part series of conversations with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah, which you can download free of charge and watch at your own pace. It comes with a workbook that contains weekly questions to ponder in conjunction with each chapter in the book:


If this book speaks to your own longings, I would love to hear your thoughts on your experience of Tolle's message. If not, I would love to hear of any inspirational books that are touching your hearts at this time.


Happy spring and blessings to all of you--my dear clients, animal friends, colleagues, family, and friends!  




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Question and Resource of the Season


Several of you have asked for guidance in memorializing a beloved animal companion who has passed on into spirit. It seems to be a part of mourning and healing to be able to create a tangible monument that can express a sense of honor and gratitude for the contribution that he or she brought into your life.


There are so many ways to satisfy this deep desire at a time of such loss and grief. Each of us must find something unique to signify our special relationship with the spirit who is now on another plane.


For some, a donation to a favorite animal charity, rescue group, advocacy, or shelter transmutes grief into service to animals in need in your own community. For others, a poem, work of art, or song commemorates your animal's life in a very personal and artistic way. Still others might create a special ceremony in which those who knew and loved this being can share heartfelt memories and honor the contribution this animal friend made to their lives.

A Special Resource


I wanted to share with you a very unique website which offers beautiful works of art that can be combined with a portion of ashes, precious mementos, or photos of loved ones, now passed on. The company was formed by a dear client of mine, Judith Bushnell, who has suffered her own personal losses. She chose to offer a way for others to heal and to remember loved ones through the medium of art. Thus, her company, Legacy Designs, Inc., was born.  Each glass creation, Treasure Box, or Plaque is created individually by an artist who takes special care and respect in creating the work of art you select. Although her jewelry does not yet appear on the website, Judith also has a wide range of "Next to My Heart" pendants and "Comfort Stones" available. If you'd like to contact Judith's company directly, the toll-free phone number is

Here is the Legacy website, if you wish to explore the beautiful memorials she offers:



The internet has a treasure of possibilities concerning products and services to honor an animal companion who has left our world. There are so many sites, that I feel it's best for you to browse the web and select those that appeal especially to you.


Whether you chose a tangible tribute to your loved one, or simply commemorate his or her life in a very personal way, it seems to be a necessary and healing experience for us who have loved our animal companions so much and have had to accept their return to spirit.


Do you have a question about telepathic communication? Please send it to me at  If I use your question in a future issue, you will receive a one-half hour ($50. value) animal communication session with me!

A True Story

This story, by Christine Fotheringham, demonstrates the power of communication with the group spirit of insects and its amazing effects on their lives and on ours!


Telling the Bees

One day the gardener called me over and explained that he wasn't able to work on a certain area of the garden because of the bees.  He pointed out a small hole in the outer wall of the house and sure enough, there was a handful of bees coming and going.  Apparently, they objected to the presence of the gardeners and buzzed them whenever they came near.


I had recently learned that in the last few years about 95% of the wild honeybees in the United States have died and the domesticated honeybee is dying out too, creating a serious problem for farmers who rely on the bees to pollinate crops. Since this seemed to be a healthy hive, it seemed the environmentally friendly thing to do was a live bee removal.  Before too long, I discovered that this was incredibly expensive and my good intentions wavered.  I had long conversations with myself and then remembered a book Rae had recommended, The Voice of the Infinite in the Small [Re-visioning the Insect-Human Connection] and wondered if there were something within it about bees.


I found the chapter, "Telling the Bees," and discovered that, not only are they intelligent and aware, in many religions they are considered sacred.  But it wasn't until I read the following story, and got goose bumps, that I decided that no matter what, I had to save these bees.


It occurred in Shropshire, England, in the mid-1960s.  In the small county of Myddle lived a beekeeper named Sam Rodgers, who was also a postman, cobbler, and handyman.  Although he liked his work and had many friends, his great love was for his bees.  Each day he would go to the hives and care for them.  He would always talk tenderly to them, as if they could understand his every word and affectionate gesture.  People say that Rodgers would sit in a chair in front of his hive and ring a small bell.  The bees would swarm out and cluster all over him.  Then one day the benevolent eighty-three-year-old beekeeper died.


His family, aware of the old customs of the area, knew that someone must tell the bees of his death.  Two of Sam's children walked down the path to the hives and solemnly told the bees of Sam's passing.


Sam was buried a few days later in the local cemetery behind the town's church.  The Sunday after the funeral, parishioners called the parson outside to witness what was happening.  The Reverend John Ayling reported later that he saw a long line of bees heading straight for Sam's grave.  They came from the direction of his hives a mile or so away.  It resembled a funeral procession.  Once the bees had circled Sam's gravestone, they flew directly back to their hives.  Friends and members of Sam Rodgers's family were mystified by the strange behavior of his bees; so were bee experts in the area.  No one could explain logically what they had witnessed, for it seemed as if the bees had gone to the grave site to pay their last respects and bid Sam goodbye.


Of course, the next step was a conversation with Rae and the bees to let them know that they couldn't stay where they were and they would be moved to a better place.


The first message we received from the group consciousness was that they knew something was happening, as they had felt human attention.  Rae then received several comments from the queen.


"This has been an ideal place and we wish we could stay.  It will be very distressing, but if you promise we will live, it will be OK.  It should be a gentle and friendly place with no danger.  We have much work to do.  The beekeeper needs to be very respectful--before he leaves us in the new place he must make sure we are secure.  We are quiescent now, but we won't be that way when it happens."


Finally the big day arrived.  The bee removers, John and Joe, arrived and they were both calm and had a very quiet and gentle energy.  I took them to the hive and asked them to explain exactly what would happen (knowing that the bees would hear).  John gave me all the details--first, they would use a heat sensor to find out exactly where the hive was; then with an electric saw they would cut through the stucco around the outer edges of the hive until it was exposed.  Then they would remove the honeycomb, with the queen and the bees, and place them in a hive box. They would then be driven to an avocado grove in the countryside outside San Diego, and my wall would be repaired and repainted.  I was so happy to hear about their new home, I suddenly threw caution to the winds and told them that the bees were prepared for the move, as I had had a conversation with them.  This was greeted with a very polite "uh huh."


They suited up in full beekeeper outfits and went to work. 


John warned me that the bees would probably swarm angrily as soon as they opened up the wall, so I took refuge inside the sun porch, where I still had a great view of all the proceedings.  Pretty soon I heard a high pitched whine as Joe started using the saw to cut an opening in the wall.  After a few minutes of this horrible noise, they pulled the stucco off the wall and I expected to see angry bees flying everywhere.  However, only about a dozen took off; the rest just stayed with the hive.


Guess what?  The hole wasn't large enough - it only exposed half of the hive.  (See below)



This required several more minutes with the saw before we could see the whole hive.  (see below)



Oddly enough, the bees were still calm.  Joe and John very carefully lifted off the first comb and placed it gently in the hive box.  Then they did the same with the one in the rear.  They even carefully scraped off the remaining tiny pieces, with and without bees attached, and deposited them in the box.  Eventually as many bees as John could capture were in the box and he covered it with a screen that was large enough for the bees to come and go, but too small for the queen.  When a single bee landed on the screen, he gently encouraged it through the screen with heavily gloved hand.  Eventually, all the bees, except for a handful, were safely in the box and covered.


John looked at me and said "Well, that was quite remarkable.  Usually as soon as we open up the wall, they swarm everywhere.  These guys were really calm and stayed with the hive, as if they were just along for the ride. John paused for a moment, and then said, "I guess it worked."  Indeed, Rae's message of assurance had gotten through to the hive. Pretty soon, all the bees were loaded up and on their way to their new home.


 For the next few days, I felt as if my whole being was filled with a warm sweetness and joy, almost as if my veins were flowing with honey.  I am convinced that this was the queen's way of saying "Thank you."

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