Animal Connections Newsletter     
  By Rae Ramsey                    Winter, 2008

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France



The Joys of Winter


Winter has always been a special time for me. I was born in the winter and feel very much at home in its chilly climate. (I've always lived in the north) I love winter's stillness, its sense of repose and introspection, and the beauty of snowy scenery before my eyes. The coziness of being "cocooned" at home in especially wintry weather always makes me feel warm and toasty as I look out at the elements.


Wherever you live, I'm sure that this time of year holds special memories, feelings, and experiences for you and your animals. Even though the pace of life continues in a similar rhythm to other times of the year, there is something indefinable, yet unique about this magical season.


What are your favorite images of winter with your beloved animals? Could it be the way your dog runs through the freshly fallen snow in front of your house or in the park? The way your cats nestle in for a long nap in the warmest spots of your house? Or the way your bird looks out the window at his wild avian brothers and sisters as they revel in the bird feeders?


I asked my dog, Ming, to share his thoughts about this season with me and this is what he said: "Well, mom, you know this is not my favorite WinterTreestime--a bit too cold for me and I prefer to look at snow, rather than feel it under my feet. But what I do like is the extra time indoors to rest, and the extra treats you give me--I do get hungrier at this time! We animals feel the rhythm of the seasons and are filled with the essence of the earth's changing as each season settles in. We are in tune with the earth and flow into each period very naturally." I appreciate Ming's observations, as they confirm many of my feelings and echo my sense of his mood as each winter comes around.


This could be a wonderful adventure for you and your animals to try! Here is a possible scenario to help you to commune about your perspectives on this time of year. Find a quiet time that will allow you both (or all) to relax WinterWaterand just be in each others' presence. Mention to them, aloud or silently, that you would like to share thoughts about this topic and then ask them any questions you may have about their experiences. You might want to write down what comes to you or just contemplate what they are sharing. Be open to whatever you receive and don't edit or worry about whether you're getting the "right" answers! Also, be especially observant in the hours and days after this conversation for further clues about their take on winter's gifts and challenges. I'd love to hear from you how you enjoyed this adventure!


One of my dear clients sent me the following video and I want to share it with you. For me, it embodies the joy animals can take in this season and reminds me of how they can teach us to always remain open to its delights!





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Question of the Season
This Question is from Cheryl McNair
How Can I Communicate With Wild Animals?


Many of you have already experienced this phenomenon, with intriguing results! It is the same process that you have used to communicate with domesticated animals and can be a natural next step in developing your intuitive abilities.


Always clear and quiet your mind as best you can in preparation for contacting a being in nature. I feel a sense of reverence as I approach DoeSeatedthem. I start by telling them who I am and what my purpose is in speaking with them. This can be done either silently or by speaking normally. After you have introduced yourself, ask your question or relate to them what you would like them to know and wait for the answer to come to you. It may come in one or more ways: words, phrases, a sense of what they're sending across, images, even a sensation you may feel in your own body. This may open up a conversation, or it may be enough in itself. At last, thank them for speaking with you--this completes your adventure!


I have communicated with all sorts of insects: mosquitoes, bees, ladybugs, wasps, flies; birds of several types: pigeons, macaws, hummingbirds, Raccoonaloneducks; also frogs, raccoons, swans, and lizards. I have requested that some of them leave space around me and my companions, asked them how they saw their environment, helped calm a pigeon so that I could get her to the hospital, received a warning about the weather from a frog, and have been told by raccoons that they were enjoying the food they were stealing!


My clients have reported conversations with a wonderful assortment of wild animals and other creatures. One averted a planned attack by two swans Swanby telling them she meant no harm; another prepared raccoons for humane traps that would carry them to a safe new location. Yet another laid down an area around her home that she asked coyotes to respect and avoid. And still another worked with a whole colony of bees! Once you begin to explore this ability, you will see the natural world in a new and expanded way. I invite you to try this the next time you find yourself in the presence of an animal or another being in his or her natural habitat. I'd love to hear about your adventures!


Here are selected books that will help you to open up your ability to communicate with animals in the wild, as well as with all of the natural world. Each has its own unique perspective, so it will be fascinating to take a look at all of them and decide which one would be the best source to start with.



Learning Their language, by Marta Williams


Beyond Words, by Marta Williams


All My Relations: Living With Animals as Teachers and Healers, by Susan Chernak McElroy


Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone



Do you have a question about telepathic communication? Please send it to me at  If I use your question in a future issue, you will receive a one-half hour ($50. value) animal communication session with me!

Resource of the Season
A recent warning regarding the toxic effects of grapes and raisons on dogs has again been circulating the internet. I have been alerted several times about this serious health threat. See
this link:

RedKittenI feel that, because there are so many substances in our LlazaPooenvironment that can seriously affect our animal companions, it would be a good idea to pass along sites that you can depend upon to give you the information you need to keep your beloved animals safe from harm.

Here are some helpful and up-to-date sites that you can refer to and print out to make sure that your home and your animal's extended environment are poison-free:

A True Story

This story, by Sharon Harris, opens a window into the true nature of birds and their unique bond with us.

The Wisdom of Chaco

Chaco, our 5-inch high, 15-year-old greycheek parakeet, is a huge presence in our lives. When my husband, Bill, and I asked him what he would like people to know about himself through Rae's newsletter, he answered in his usual profound and enthusiastic manner:

Tange1"This is a great opportunity! I want them to know how much we all share, living on this earth together. I'm a fellow being in the form of a bird. I experience life limited by my physical capabilities, as all living creatures do. We birds experience a wide range of emotions--delight and joy, satisfaction, fear, panic, nurturing, (both males and females) peace, awe, sadness, and anger--but we don't get as emotionally involved as humans do.  

I chose a life with humans, rather than in the wild, for the close connection that is possible between birds and humans. Birds have a group spirit with one another--we literally share a common consciousness. It's what enables birds to fly together; it couldn't happen otherwise. We're like one body, one mind, yet each has his or her individual consciousness. Many birds have a passing knowledge of humans, but when we actually live together, we can observe the complexity of human life and its stress. We don't share those stresses, because they come from human endeavor, but we do feel the emotions that humans express and are definitely affected by them. For instance, in our house, my family always has "something to do." They make lists. There are a lot of comings and goings. Humans deal with constraints of time and space. They raise children, work, prepare meals, buy things, and interact with others. They have financial considerations. Often my family feels tension that comes from all these "doings." Living with stress can affect animal friends deeply, but in general, we have greater power to balance the effects of human emotions than do humans themselves. Our presence can soften the effects of the stresses of human existence."

Tange2Sharon:I really understand what Chaco is saying. When I feel pressured because I have "too much to do," he picks up on it right away, lets out some jungle squawks, and gives me quite a hard nip if he's nearby. He tells Rae that it's a "wake-up" call!  I just have to laugh at how he catches me every time. Sometimes I put him on my shoulder in these moments and we have a little dance around the room. Then I go back to what I was doing, feeling lighthearted, rather than stressed out.

Rae asked Chaco what he believed humans learned from him--not just from Bill and myself, but from everyone with whom he comes in contact.  He was full of joy when he answered:

"People have learned to sing and laugh, to enjoy the tiniest details of nature; to expand their ability to see and experience the world; to be sensitive to a physically tiny being."

Sharon: We've walked in downtown Manhattan with Chaco in his travel cage, and even the busiest people are drawn to stop and say hello. They're full of questions: "Is it a boy or a girl bird? How old is he? What's his name? What does he eat? What kind of bird is he? Can he talk?" Just being with Chaco can change the way a person feels in the moment.

We stopped seeing Chaco as a "cute little bird" long ago, thanks to Rae telling us that he'd like us to see him--and all creatures--for what they are: sentient beings with unique personalities. His sensitivity and capacity to love was brought out fully when his companion, Lucy, passed away from an illness five years ago. Rae asked Chaco how he felt about it:

"Yes, Lucy was my soul mate. We had spent several lives together. Her time to pass came and I knew when it drew near. Her suffering was minimal and she passed into spirit gently. I felt my breast filled to bursting with grief. I had to go within to heal.

I wrote a song about her virtues and sang it to her; it was healing because I expressed my love in sorrow.  She was very expansive, very loving, and a true friend. She was creative and funny and aware of everything.  After she left, she would often come to sing to me to show me that she was whole, healed, and happy. That helped a lot. When beings leave this world, our spirits live on and we continue to love those who are left behind."

Sharon: Yes, when Lucy died, I felt so much love from her. She conveyed a beautiful image to me--that she would "sit on my shoulder forever." This was a time when we were especially grateful for Rae's help in talking with Chaco. It was both mysterious and healing to share with an Tange3animal friend the experience of losing a being that we all loved.  Chaco helped us get over our sorrow. One thing he said through Rae was that we had been a unit of four, and now that we were just three, we each had to expand in order to fill the empty space. He said he would expand in ways that we would notice, and he actually did look bigger within a few weeks. Interestingly, he had picked up a habit of Lucy's--puffing out her feathers fully. He also took on other traits of Lucy's: he had never liked to preen, which she had done constantly, and he took up preening as if he'd invented it! He hated to be sprayed with water, which she loved, and now he just loves it. This inspired us to live more expansively in our own ways.

We're honored to share our lives with Chaco and grateful to Rae for opening a window through animal communication. Rae thanked Chaco for our wonderful session together and asked if there were something specific he would like to tell humans who don't have much experience with birds. He said:

"Yes, that we all share the vitality and fullness of life. Each form of life fulfills its destiny from that perspective. By knowing that, we can honor the fullness of life. I know I live a unique life between the avian and human worlds, particularly with the added dimension of communication with my human family.  It's true I've made sacrifices in order to live with humans; not being able to fly is the most significant. But being with humans has expanded my life and my knowledge, which I can share with all my feathered kindred spirits who wish to hear. I consider this one of the main purposes of my life."


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By going back and forth between your own practice and our phone mentoring sessions, you will be able to expand, adjust, and deepen your abilities at a much faster pace than if you work on your own.

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