Animal Connections Newsletter
  By Rae Ramsey                           Winter, 2009

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's heart
remains unawakened."
-Anatole France
New Beginnings
2008 was a year of many changes for just about everyone with whom I've had a conversation. From moving to a new city to overcoming illness to changing to a new career path--the list is a long one. When I think of the stories I've witnessed since my last newsletter, I am humbled by the challenges so many have faced. I too share in this phenomenon. I have embarked on a new venue of expressing my soul through singing, have invited a beautiful new kitten to join my family, have assisted my husband in moving his career to a new focus, and have nursed a tendon in my foot back to health. As a country, we have changed our leadership through democratic elections; in the world, we have seen many major shifts as well.
I somehow feel that I have shifted into a new era myself. Not quite sure where my inner guidance will lead me, I feel stronger, more hopeful, more connected to those I love, and more determined to make a difference for animals. I am even more deeply aware of the suffering of our human population and of the daunting work that needs to be done to heal our planet.
As I begin the year of 2009, it is my hope that I will be a supportive presence, a healing force, a source of joy and compassion to all. I am so grateful for all the blessings that I have in my life. I am especially thankful for the joy of knowing all of you--my family and friends of two and four legs! My wish is that your lives will be rich with love and meaning and the blessing of sharing your lives with your beloved animals.


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Regina's Story                                              by Rae Ramsey

We Want That Kitten!
My husband, John, and I sat in a small office at our local Humane Society. We were holding a gray fluffy kitten, who purred and looked directly into our eyes. We had agreed that both of us had to fall in love with any kitten who would join our family, so we were prepared to "just look" and then mull over our decision, away from the watchful eyes of the adoption director.
This kind woman told us that they would put no pressure on us--we could go home and talk it over--at that moment, John and I looked at each other, turned to her, and said spontaneously in unison, "Oh no, we want this kitten!"

That's how it happened. After many months of looking, pouring over PetFinder listings, visiting friends, shelters, and rescue workers, this tiny kitten plopped right into our lives. "No more of this nonsense; I'm here," she seemed to say that day. "Let's get on with our lives, together."
The next day, when we returned to pick up this little one, the director told us to give lots of extra attention to our little Shih Tzu, Ming, so that he wouldn't feel left out. We were ready and willing to do that. We told Ming before we left the house that we would be bringing home "his kitten." He was quite excited, as he had been ready for a sister for some time, having grown up with two cats, who had since passed on.
When we returned, soft kitten in her carrier, Ming reached up and pawed at the case, eager to see his new sister. About fifteen minutes later, we knew that it would be safe to let her out. After a few minutes of sniffing and gazing, they were off for a game of "catch me if you can!" This continued for about three hours, after which the two of them took a short break. John and I looked on, amazed, and really, quite superfluous to the action taking place.
After a peaceful night with the new kitty hiding out in our living room, we woke to the two of them starting in on their game again. We thought to ourselves, "Maybe we should go back to the Humane Society for some attention, as we've been totally neglected by both Ming and the new kitty!" The match was a success--a dog who wanted his own kitten and a feline who loved to play with dogs.
She came to us with a sweet name, "Petunia," but I knew that she had another name in mind. "Regina" kept popping into my mind. I did some research online and that name came up five times! I asked her how she liked it, and she replied, "That is my name--it is very fitting." So "Regina" she became. Even as a kitten, there was an obvious regality to her temperament, and this name embodies that quality.
Integrating this little female tiger/long-haired kitten unfolded as an adventure very different from the experience we had years before with our two laid-back Himalayans. Regina immediately showed us that she was a complex combination of sweetness, affection, fun and...yes, wildness! Even though our apt. is small, it was a huge expansion of available space, compared to the confines of the cage she had shared with her sister at the shelter. Racing around with abandon was a daily routine from the first day. Each night she turned into a tiger of the wild, ready to pounce on those unsuspecting legs that were attached to us as we prepared to settle in.
Ming decided right away that boundaries had to be established. He had her under his control within a few days, by moving quickly toward her when she started to "box" his ears.  At one point, I noticed that he wasn't allowing her to roughhouse with him at all. When I asked him about that, he replied that he wasn't going to play with her until she could "behave herself." What has gradually happened is that the two of them have become very comfortable with each other, hanging out in different places together during the day, and sometimes playing together with the same toys. It's a joy to see!
Observing our little kitten's two sides, I realized that my trusted Bach Remedies would come in handy. So I determined which ones Regina needed to integrate these diverse qualities and started her on a regimen of several remedies, added to her water bowl each day. I saw results within a couple of weeks, stopped them, and then noticed that the wild behavior started to return-back to the Bach! Over the last few months, I have been amazed at how she has blended all her aspects into a wonderful and rich personality, at once sweet and bold.
Regina came home to us at nine weeks old, weighing two pounds. She has matured from a fluffy baby to a sleek, nine-pound long-tailed, gorgeous cat, soon to be one year old. With melting eyes, soft chirp, and unbridled feline curiosity, she knows how to push the envelope whenever she can. She charms us every day.
I admit I had hoped that Spunky, our male Himmie, would return. "This is not the time," he has told me, but it was he who sent Regina to us, knowing that we needed that feline energy again in our home. How right he was! John and I feel that our family is now complete. And Ming agrees!

Resource of the Season

Here is a resource for animals who are experiencing joint pain, trouble with movement, and reduced mobility, due to injured or aging joints. This all natural product is called DGP (for "Dog-gone Pain") and has a revitalizing effect on both physical and mental well-being. It was developed primarily for dogs, but also has been effective for cats. 
Last year, having heard excellent reports about DGP from one or two clients, I recommended it to a client whose male German Shepherd was having severe joint pain, which curtailed the dog's ability to romp, run, and roughhouse.
My client decided to try DGP for this dog and went ahead with a course of treatment. When I checked back a couple of weeks later, he told me that his Shepherd was again playing like a young dog and my client had decided to put his female Shepherd on it too. Months later, both dogs are enjoying renewed vitality and mobility, to say nothing of increased levels of friskiness!
Even though my Shih Tzu, Ming, has healthy joints, he also has luxated patellas in both hind legs. This condition causes some bowing out when he walks at a slow pace, although he insists he has no pain. (I've checked on and off for years!) I decided to try DGP with Ming, as I wanted to see if it would increase his level of vitality.
Ming has been on DGP for a few months now and, although his legs still bow out at times, he has increased his level of activity and is generally more playful and he plays more often. Yes, I'm going to keep him on it! To see increased spunkiness in my 12-year-young fellow is a great blessing!
If you'd like to learn more details about this natural supplement and request a packet of information, here is the website:
I found the staff to be very responsive and well-informed about the research regarding this impressive product.
Now, if we can just get our joints in shape!

A True Story

This story, by Christine Fotheringham continues the life and times of the kittens you first met in my April and May, 2007 issues.

Life Lessons from My Furry Teenagers 


    My elder cat, Toby, 

and I share our home with three teenage (2 years old) kitties - 
 Legadema                Hamsa                 Miss Brown.

All three have been with me from the moment of their birth and Rae has shared our journey every step of the way.

From helping Sasha, their mom, through their birthing, to potty-training, weaning, and growing up, Rae has been a godsend. Sasha was a stray who informed us that she had chosen me and she indeed touched my heart. However, after the babies were weaned, she told us that she was not meant to be part of a clan in this lifetime and needed to be free. Since she was clearly unhappy with the constant attentions of her affectionately rambunctious brood, I let her go--after she assured me that she knew how to survive in the jungle, making herself "invisible" when necessary. 

In the meantime, the kids have grown and thrived and are teaching me how to live a full and interesting life. So, what have I learned? 
For the full story, click here
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