About Rae

About Rae

Growing up in a small apartment in Michigan, I was deprived of having animals, as building regulations wouldn’t allow them. I felt that deprivation keenly, as I loved every animal I met. My father brought home various creatures for us to pet and love for a day or two, always taking them away before we could be found out by the superintendent. I tried to keep caterpillars, a chick, various kittens, a frog; but all would eventually be taken from me. I often visited a lady nearby who had about thirty cats at any given time. What fun it was to be surrounded by those furry friends! I got to ride a horse a time or two on vacation, and was thrilled by the experience. It was so natural to communicate with them; I developed this ability with each new little friend I met. But I didn’t have any animals of my own until we finally moved to a house when I was twelve years old.

My two sisters and I immediately begged for long delayed animal friends, so our parents helped us adopt a collie pup and two kittens. From then on, they all became a major joy and focus of my own life. I played with them, talked to them, listened to them, came to know their personalities and needs, laughed with them, and mourned their passing when I was in college.

Although I didn’t choose a path to work with animals in my early adulthood, they were a constant joy as I developed into a young woman. I journeyed from Michigan to New York City to follow my desire to sing, and did that professionally as an opera and classical singer for many years. Shortly after I arrived, I fell in love with a sweet kitten and had to bring her home! She became my constant companion for almost twenty-two years, literally growing up with me, teaching me, comforting me, entertaining me, and finally teaching me to let go.

Throughout those years, I continued to relate to animals in a very special way. I seemed to know what they were thinking, when they were suffering, what they needed, and what they thought of other animals and people. Of course, at this time, I had no way to explain what I was doing; I merely felt I had a great affinity for all animals and wanted to be near them whenever I could.

My life path took me in new directions when I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days as a “suffering artist.” This realization threw me into a new career choice in business. I went into sales and marketing and eventually owned my own computer business. When I decided to let that go, I became a corporate trainer in the field of interpersonal skills such as listening, conflict management, coaching, sales, social styles, and teambuilding.

 Traveling all over the United States, I trained managers, teams, and other groups of employees in various aspects in the art of communication. This experience honed my natural listening and empathic abilities and taught me further patience, compasssion, and counseling skills. 

However, something was still missing from my life. I remember flipping on the TV in my hotel room one night when I was on the road, and “just by chance” tuning into a program featuring people working with chimpanzees. I just sat down and cried from my heart and soul. If I were to work with people, it must be with animals too. I had to find a way to do it.

I quit my job and immediately began volunteering at a local animal shelter. I discovered how wonderful it was to be there for the animals, some so frightened and confused. I talked to them and held them, gave them manicures, and cleaned their quarters so that they could be more comfortable.

It was during this period that I heard about a special training at Spring Farm Cares, a retirement facility in upstate, New York for older and abused animals. The resident Animal Communicator, Dawn Hayman, gave training workshops in interspecies telepathic communication. I would actually learn how to develop my innate ability to communicate with animals telepathically! I signed up and anxiously awaited the weekend. Once there, a wellspring of emotion burst through my being. I felt elated that I was in this special place, learning about something I had always known was true. That weekend was a turning point in my life; it hasn’t been the same since. I returned for advanced work with Dawn Hayman, and again to do advanced training with Penelope Smith, a pioneer in this field. All the while I was unfolding my own abilities with my two cats, the shelter animals, and friends’ animal companions. 

Right away my cats started telling me things about themselves that made me appreciate them in new and profound ways. They also made me laugh, as they told me about their life with me and my husband, John. (My male, Spunky, met me at the door after the first workshop and told me that he didn’t want to do too much of this “telepathic stuff,” as he was working on his verbal skills!)

To enhance my initial training, I continued learning from leading animal communicators and teachers, and also studied holistic health issues and complementary healing techniques such as Reiki, TTouch, Theraputic Touch, and Bach Flower Remedies. Through my telepathic abilities and these healing disciplines, I have been able to help foster deeper bonds between humans and their four-footed companions and to contribute to the joy and well-being of animals.

When I counseled certain animals at the shelter that they needed to work harder on finding their home, I found that by the next week they were often adopted, sometimes after being at the shelter for almost a year. One cat told me she didn’t want to be nice so that she could get adopted; she wanted someone who would accept her as she was. (Someone came along and did just that) Another just let out deep, long telepathic cries when I asked her what had happened to her and then showed me pictures of someone hitting her hindquarters. A feral cat told me that she wanted to return to the wild. I told the staff that was her wish, even though they had become attached to her and didn’t want to let go. The shelter arranged for her to be moved to our “country” branch, where she could be in the woods, yet fed by the staff in a protected environment. An older dog told me he wanted to be with an older man. I was so happy to assist in his adoption by a wonderful elderly gentleman who had wanted just such a dog!

As I developed my private client work, I started to help a wide group of animals with issues that were preventing them and their guardians from having a harmonious life together. I helped a cat tell her people that the garage cleaning had resulted in her going off her box. She instructed them specifically how to put it back in acceptable form, and the problem stopped immediately. I helped multi-animal households communicate better with each other and helped make arrangements to accommodate each other’s needs. I helped a singer’s cat adjust to her many trips abroad, and taught them how to keep in touch without the phone when apart from each other. I communicated with ladybugs at a friend’s country house and was delighted that they came to my room because they knew how much I liked ladybugs. I successfully asked mosquitoes and wasps to refrain from sharing my picnics. I helped my niece’s cat to understand why they had to move to a new apartment, with a resulting adjustment in his behavior.

It is my privilege to be a part of my clients’ journey with their animal companions as the animals go through the process of illness and dying. From my experience with my work, as well as with the loss of my own cats, I have realized how deeply important it is to be able to offer the communication, comfort, and peace that is so needed by both human and animal at this time.

In my own life, I prepared my eight-year old cats for a newcomer over a two-year period, while I was waiting for my twenty-two year old cat who had passed on to come back in a new body. When I brought home the puppy (yes, my cat finally decided to come back as a Shih Tzu), I knew all my efforts had been worth it. Both cats greeted the pup with a gentle nose touch and treated him with respectful curiosity. They continued to kindly train him, having honored my request not to hurt him and gave me their approval as he integrated into our home. I was honored to be able to communicate with my cats as they ultimately made their transition from this earth and to receive and give loving messages after they crossed over.

I continue to invest my time and focus into this work because I feel that I have finally found my path, which I will follow for my remaining time on this earth. The results, satisfaction, joy, and healing I have witnessed inspire me to continue on this path forever.

One New Year’s Eve shortly after my original training, a deep voice spoke to me, saying, “The animals are calling to you.” I turned to my husband and told him about what I had just heard, as it was so startling! I have thought about that moment so often since then, and am so deeply honored to be called by them. What an adventure this Path is, as it continues to unfold for me…


Rae has the ability to speak heart to heart.  Her calm, compassionate, soothing voice, combined with her genuine desire to facilitate communication, make her sessions invaluable.  My worry and concern evaporate and my mind is able to stay focused on what I say to and discover from my pets.  I always feel light and happy after talking to Rae.

 My dear, sweet little duck “Ansel” would not be alive today without Rae’s help.  She was able to explain to Ansel some uncomfortable medical treatments that needed to be performed if she were to continue living.  The transformation in Ansel’s cooperation during these treatments was immediate and incredible.  My formerly skeptical husband was amazed.  Ansel is happy and healthy today.  Thank you Rae.  Thank you for caring!!!

Janet Johnson,
 Burbank, CA