Illness & Death

Illness, Death, Grief Support, and Communicating With Animals in Spirit

Dealing With Your Animal’s Illness

One of the most urgent reasons people call upon me is for help in handling their animal’s illness. When faced with this difficult situation, it is essential that you have the best veterinary care possible for your dear ones. I can help ease that process by communicating directly with your animals. They can tell you through me how they are experiencing their problem and what they would like you to do. It is also very helpful for me to explain to them what is going to happen if they need a procedure performed or if they will need to stay at the veterinary hospital. This not only takes away some of their fear and anxiety, it also helps them to be more cooperative with those caring for them.

Facing Your Animal’s Death

A second reason many people contact me is for assistance with the ultimate question. We all dread that time when a decision must be made as to whether we should help them pass on into spirit. Instead of guessing what their desire is at this crucial moment, I can help by listening to their actual preference as to how, where, and when they want to leave. This has brought comfort to countless people, just knowing that they are following the specific wishes of their animal. When you know this, there is no need to live with a haunting question as to whether you did the “right thing.” 

Grieving For Your Animal

A third reason people need my help is to ask for support in going through the grieving process after the loss of their animal. It is my privilege to help you and any animals left behind to heal from this experience. I can assist you in commemorating your dear one in a way that honors him or her and in helping you to express your feelings and gratitude for sharing your lives together. 

Communicating With Your Animal 
in Spirit

Some people want to speak to their animals after they have passed on into spirit. This is another time when I can help, as animals are more than willing to reconnect to you through a telepathic communication session. I can help you to resolve any questions and concerns you may have around their death. Animals in spirit often show that they are fine and whole again and give a glimpse of what they are doing on the Other Side. Gaining this insight can be profoundly healing and freeing for those on this side. It is my honor to be a part of this experience.

I was first introduced to Rae when my 13-year-old cat Ernie was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and had only hours or days to live. I was offered immediate euthanasia, but I wanted some time to say goodbye and, as Ernie truly hated going to the vet, I wanted to give him the option of dying at home.

At our first conversation Ernie made it very clear “no more vets;” he wanted to die at home and wanted me to stay with him all the time. I had to call Rae to get permission to leave the house – however, it was always granted, so long as it wasn’t too long!

Through Rae’s generosity, compassion, and gentleness, I came to know Ernie on a much deeper level. I had always known him as a sweet, affectionate, and sensitive guy. With Rae’s help, I met a gentleman cat who was a wise and humorous philosopher. He approached his impending death with calm acceptance and shared his process of going inward. He mentioned that leaving these bodies was a lot of work and takes focus, as we get really attached to them. 

He eventually refused food, said he just wanted water, and for several days he enjoyed visiting all his favorite places in our home and garden. I was able to be with him as he breathed his last.

I am eternally grateful to Rae for allowing me to share his process in a way that honored his wishes and allowed me to support him in the way he wanted. 

Christine Fotheringham, 
San Pedro, CA