Mentoring with Rae

Mentoring is a way of accelerating the development of your telepathic skills in communicating with your animals. By practicing regularly with a variety of animals and setting up phone mentoring with me, you will be able to expand, adjust, and deepen your abilities at a much faster pace than if you work on your own.

You’ll have the opportunity to verify your successes, get through roadblocks, expand your receptivity, and learn advanced communication techniques.

To Set Up a Mentoring Appointment

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I can’t say enough about what Rae has done for me and my dear cat family, helping me to open up my own abilities to communicate and to receive communications from each of them. Just knowing that they can make their feelings known to me is so comforting in our daily life together. I don’t like to make lots of requests of them – communication is not about me ordering them around! But sometimes it’s “can we not walk around that other building tonight? Let’s do that early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, when no one is around” – and they’ll usually change direction and follow my wish. If one of the girls has gone out of my sight (they’re supposed to stay nearby), and I concentrate on sending them a message to please show me where they are – usually, they turn up suddenly. If Bud has stayed away a little longer than I’d like – he is SO good about being independent but never disappearing for too long – and I send him messages – in he comes!  I have to focus! I can’t be sloppy–I really need to “meditate” on these telepathic thoughts. But I usually get a response. And here too, the meditating on them alone is very centering for me, helpful in general.

I try to always remember to thank them for responding. So how much of all is coincidence, how much is them making their own decisions which happen to match my ideas, or whatever? I don’t know. All I know is we seem to be able to do more and more things “in sync,” and we all seem calm, and it just feels light we’re very tight-knit. Which in itself is a comfort to me. Oh, and you know what else? They’re very calm around my new sweetheart. They seem to like him, they’ll sit where he’s sat after he leaves, and they’re attentive without touching him. They seem to get what I’ve been telling them about his allergies and don’t try to climb on him or anything. But they seem very peaceful when he’s around. It’s really cool. I would think this “allergy” concept is a weird one for them!

I just routinely chat out loud to them. Not this baby-talk stuff some people do, but information, plans!  “Let’s do such-and-such for a while, but then remember I have to go to work.” “It’s hot out but don’t worry, it won’t stay hot much longer.” “I have to run out for an hour, but when I come back we’ll go back outside.” And I tell our stories to friends – always with a smile – and people are at the least entertained, but hopefully it plants a seed and some day they’ll think about the possibilities.

A friend has had to go out of town a lot, her elderly mom is ill. One cat always did very poorly in her absence, wouldn’t eat, etc. So on my suggestion she took pictures of her two with her on her next trip, talked to them and focused on them while she was away, and was delighted and amazed to learn from the cat sitter upon her routine that her “sensitive child” did just fine this time! I think some of us do these things out of desperation – there’s nothing else we can do when we’re away, we worry terribly about them, so we figure it can’t hurt to try to send them messages! And then look what happens!

Betsy Todd, 
Hastings on Hudson, NY