More Testimonials

Rae is compassionate, clear, professional yet lighthearted, and simply great at what she does—conveying our words to Chaco, our grey cheek parakeet, and telling us what he has to say.

For the past four years we have asked Rae to communicate with Chaco whenever something comes up that will affect him, especially when we’re going away for more than a day. He wants all the details: who’s going to take care of him, where we’ll be going, and how long we’ll be away. After Rae explains everything to him, Chaco invariably says he’s fine about our going, and often has some input for us. He once told us to go over his food instructions again with the “birdsitter” so she could get it all straight!

At Rae’s suggestion, we send mental images of beautiful scenes to Chaco when we are away. The next time we speak with him through Rae, he always confirms that he got the pictures and how much he injoyed them!

Rae has helped us see Chaco in a new way. He is truly our “animal friend”, and has communicated through Rae his purpose in being with us: to uplift our lives and help us to appreciate all of nature. He greets each day cheerfully as a great example, expresses compassion when one of us is sad, and has expressed that he’s happiest when we are happy. He also considers it his duty to take care of the house and squawks loudly at newcomers and any other creatures that “trespass” on our property! If the squawking gets a little out of hand, we call on Rae to ask Chaco what’s going on with him and how we can improve the situation. Things inevitably calm down after such a conversation.

We were amazed to learn through Rae that Chaco and all creatures are deeply affected by world events and send their good wishes to those in need, both humans and animals. A flock of geese flying low over our house seems completely different to us now; we feel a kinship with them that has come from our communication with just one small bird. We are very appreciative of Rae’s wisdom and commitment to helping humans understand the depth of our animal friends—and their understanding of us!

Bill and Sharon Harris, 
Woodstock, NY


With Rae’s loving assistance, I was able to reconnect with my beloved deceased cat, Harry, and to say the things I hadn’t gotten a chance to say, and GET A RESPONSE BACK. During our session. I was able to grieve for the first time since he had passed on. With Rae’s help, this experience  enabled me to move forward in my life, making new connections in the present. My family and I will be eternally grateful for Rae’s love and support.”   

Peggy Barton, 
New York, NY


My cats are my companions, my joy and laughter. Rae’s communication with Mr. Grizz during his final days was an immense help to me and my other feline companions, Joe and Daphne. Our conversations both during and after Grizzie’s death were so factual that it was startling. She would have no other way of knowing what she was communicating, if not directly from these lovely beings. I am open-minded but sometimes skeptical, and Rae has proven time and again that it is my cats she is communicating with. Always comforting and full of wisdom, she also relays the humor that my cats so often express. I am so grateful for the work that Rae does. Be prepared! She’s an experience worth taking!

Judith Bushnell, 
Springfield, OR


“It is my profound pleasure to write about Rae’s outstanding gifts and services to animals and their caretakers.

I am a holistic/homeopathic veterinarian in New York City. I have referred many, many clients to Rae Ramsey over the past 11 years I’ve been in practice. My clients have always reported back to me that they were so happy they arranged a communication session with Rae and their animals. Many times they were contacting her when their animal was seriously ill and they were considering euthanasia. Their session with Rae and their animal made whatever decision they made easier and provided peace and resolution for them. Other times they just wanted to get clarity about something about their animal’s behavior or attitude or see if they could find out something about their anima’s physical well-being.

One personal experience that stands out for me occurred when I asked Rae to communicate with my current cat (Lucy) and the new cat I had just brought into my household. when The new cat (Cybal, an 8-year- old female white Persian cat) had been given up by her owner because the owner became highly allergic to her. Cybal seemed dejected and standoffish and would sit yards away, just staring at me, never coming over to be petted. During the communication session with Rae and the cats, I was able to get into Cybal’s world. She was able to communicate with me her distress about being given up and not knowing why, and how she didn’t feel entitled to come over because she was the “second cat” to my original cat. Rae was able to explain to her what happened and assure her she would be loved and taken care of fully in her new home. There was a miraculous change in Cybal after that! She started sleeping with me (on my pillow above my head) and snuggling with me on the couch. Her whole demeanor changed. She became a happy cat (although that precious Persian steely expression is still on her face). She an Lucy never became good friends but they lived side by side in harmony.

I highly recommend a session with Rae Ramsey to anyone who wants to communicate with their animals for any reason. She consistently provides a space of comfort, peace, beauty, understanding and a space of love for the animals and people that she works with.

Dr. Jill Elliot, DVM, 
New York, NY


There have been so many situations in our animal family life where the only thing that could help us was some clear information-enter Rae! Rae approaches the animals with deep respect–my dogs and cat always want to talk to her. Many transitions, like moving to a new home, and adopting a new animal family member have been so much easier and less stressful for everybody. This is because the animals are informed and we also know what to pay attention to, so that everything goes smoothly. For me, living with animals is a privilege. With Rae’s help, not only do I feel the animals are heard, but also I as the human caretaker feel understood. Rae is never judgmental, but rather, with her warmth and understanding for animals and humans, equally helps to build a foundation of trust and knowledge between all of us. I’m very grateful for Rae’s presence in our lives.

Leila Schulz-Thierbach, 


It is so hard to put into words what working with Rae has brought to my animal family.  When one has six cats and now a dog, there are a lot of different personalities one has to deal with and Rae has been there for me every step of the way.  With her exceptional communicating skills and insights, I have learned what makes everyone tick and for the most part, why they do what they do.  Since all of my animals are shelter rescues, I learn more and more with each session I have with Rae.  I’m maybe a little prejudiced, but I have a great animal family and I can say without a doubt I owe a lot of that to working with Rae.  You can’t bring just any dog into an apartment that has six cats already living there.  I also relied heavily on Rae a few years ago when my beloved little six-year-old Jesse was dying from feline leukemia.  As hard as that time of my life was, having Rae communicate with Jesse and knowing how she was feeling the whole time made my decisions a little easier.  In good and bad times I don’t know where I would be without Rae’s help.

Bunny Hofberg, 
New York, NY


When our dog was paralyzed from an accident, we were faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to put him down. Rae was able to talk with our dog, comfort him and explain what was happening to him.  He made his decision loud and clear. We were then able to support him and honor his exact requests.  Rae helped us to know precisely how he wanted to be touched and held, and also how he wanted to be honored, buried, and remembered. With the gift of Rae’s accurate communication and guidance, we were able to consciously deliver our beloved dog into new life. He crossed the threshold with dignity, power and joy.  Knowing that we were truly serving our friend made this one of the most sacred events of our lives.  After our dog passed, Rae was able to help us connect with him again and we were deeply comforted to learn of his new adventures and freedom. We are reassured by knowing that anytime we need to connect with our dog, Rae can help bring us closer to him.  We now know he is never far from us.

 Anyone who truly loves their animal companion should have Rae Ramsey as part of their team in caring for their friend.  Her help is as essential to healthy animals as good food, love, and a great veterinarian!

Heidi Harding & Tim Aitken, 
Spencertown, NY


Our family of 5 little ones (three dogs and two cats) brings us great joy and its share of “issues.” Rae has been a true blessing with her communication skills, insight, helpful suggestions, Bach Flower Remedy recommendations, and a great sense of humor too! She has helped us with emotional, physical, and behavioral issues with great success. My only regret is that we hadn’t met Rae years ago! She’s the best!

Susan Smith, 
Putnam Station, NY


I don’t know where I would be emotionally, if it had not been for Rae and her deep, compassionate help. I have had many losses over the last few years with my animals, which left me in a vacuum and devastated. Rae was so spot-on with her abilities and perception with each one, alive or passed on—it removed any doubt from my mind that I might be imagining this or filling in to ease my pain—she said things that only they could have relayed to her—and she was never mistaken. She is truly gifted and loving. She got me through the worst of times and helped me to move on and know that our pets, as well as we, are more than our bodies—that we are spiritual beings and are immortal.

Carlyn Clayton, 
New York, NY


My cat, Valentina, passed on recently, a couple of weeks after our communication with Rae. She had told us that she had fulfilled her life’s purpose here and was ready to “go back out in the wild.”

I’m so grateful to have had Rae’s guidance to reassure me that I was doing the right things for Valentina. By relating to me exactly what Val wanted to support her passing, Rae put my mind and heart at ease.

Thanks to Rae, I was able to care for Valentina the way she wanted. She was still walking around up until the last day. She went gently into a sleep and had me and Shadow, my other cat, for company until she left us.

Mary Ann Angelo, 
Queens, New York


For the past five years Rae has been an amazing source of support for our family. During our first conversation, Rae got our newly-adopted cat to come out from under the bed for the first time since we had brought her home nearly a month before. We have relied on Rae ever since. I am truly inspired by Rae’s immense wisdom, empathy, and love of animals.

Dhyana Clark, 
Pacifica, CA