What Happens

What Happens in a Telepathic Consultation

Before your Telepathic Consultation, it is helpful to send me a photo of your animal. We’ll then set up a phone appointment to work on the issues and questions you have in regard to your animal companion.

At the beginning of the consultation, you will give me basic information, such as name, breed, age, sex, and a brief physical description. I will then establish a telepathic connection with your animal. Your questions will open up the conversation; from there, the dialogue may expand into other areas. You will hear silence as I exchange information with him or her. I will then relate what I have learned to you.

No, I don’t read your mind, and your animal won’t tell me your secrets! I act as a translator and facilitator between the two (or more) of you.

I receive information from your companion through mental pictures, feelings, thoughts, concepts and physical sensations. A session can be profoundly touching, informative, healing, and sometimes quite humorous!

How can I prove telepathic communication actually happens? I can’t, but the changes in your animals and their relationship to you and each other will clear up any doubts you may have.

I always close a communication session asking if there is anything else to be discussed by either human or animal. If there isn’t, I thank all involved for participating in this beautiful form of interspecies communication. 

After my first reading with Rae, I was amazed & thrilled to have found such an incredible animal communicator!  To have such a clear, straightforward connection with my dear baby was so exciting.  Whenever there is a problem, vacation, or just to check in, it is SO reassuring to be able to speak directly with him. It’s been a life saver for me–really takes the worry out of traveling! What I have learned has been so surprising, funny and deeply touching.

The friends I have referred to Rae were greatly comforted in their grief over pets that have passed over. I’ve seen incredible healing take place, doubts & fear dispelled, intense sadness lightened.  Rae has also helped in emergencies–this is invaluable in a crisis, or when there is a big decision to be made.

 I’ll be forever grateful for the precious readings we’ve had with Rae, and look forward to future ones also!!

Lisa Chimelski, 
Daly City, CA