What Is It

What is Telepathic Communication?

Have you ever decided to go for a walk with your dog and found him suddenly appear before you, full of expectancy? Has your cat ever disappeared just when you thought it would be a good idea to trim her nails? Have your animals mysteriously arrived in the kitchen just when you decided to give them a special treat?

That’s telepathy! When our thoughts and feelings concern our animals, they can pick up what is going on in our hearts and minds. This is a natural ability that all beings have in common, including humans. Animals have not forgotten how to use this gift, but we humans have often been convinced that telepathiy does not exist, so most of us have let this ability go dormant. As a Telepathic Animal Communicator, I use this natural gift to help you and your animal engage in conversation on a much deeper level than normally is possible.

I can help you learn about your animal’s thoughts, viewpoints, and feelings, deepening your relationship in profound ways. Once animals know you want to enter into dialogue, they often open up and grow in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

  • Behavior problems get resolved
  • Conflicts between animals simmer down
  • Misunderstandings evaporate
  • Family transitions such as moving go more smoothly
  • Health issues are clarified because your animal can tell you where it hurts

This natural form of communication provides a window into the inner lives of our special companions, illuminating the depth of feeling, thought, compassion, and joy they possess. The bond between you and your animal will become even deeper and more harmonious because of your shared awareness on a new and profound level.

Rae has helped us with four of our cats over the past several years. Her insight into their feelings, needs, and behaviors is always enlightening. After each session we observe specific changes and improvements. A recent example is the case of Marcus, who joined our family last year. He teased and intimidated the more docile Deb until Rae helped her to move forward confidently through the apartment. Now Marcus and Deb play as equals. Working with Rae is also a pleasure for us humans. During sessions she is professional, personable, supportive, and generous.  

David Christensen and Scott Knell, 
San Francisco CA